Saturday, August 23, 2014

Too sexy, Spider-Woman by Milo Manara unleashes the Web – The Point

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The return of Spider-Woman creates controversy. One of the two blankets made by the American publisher Marvel announcing the release of the new album heroin unleash passions on the Internet. Designed by cartoonist Milo Manara erotic, the image shows Spider-Woman cast in her red dress and taking a particularly suggestive pose. To the extent that the hedge is deemed too sexy, but especially against-productive, by Internet users.

“Should we forgive Marvel that awful coverage?” questions such as magazine Time . Many netizens criticized in effect Milo Manara and Marvel to set aside a significant portion of their readership with coverage that many consider sexist.

The British daily The Guardian quote blogger Laura Sneddon, an expert on comics, which states that “women really love superhero comics.” “But this coverage and the lack of thought behind this is a prime example of why people continue to think that the comic book superheroes are for lustful men,” she says.

The response Manara

The cover is even more surprising that Marvel as major Hollywood studios, trying increasingly to turn to the fairer sex which is now the success of books and movies with strong heroines. After the success of films Hunger Games , the first part of the saga Divergent and the feature film of Luc Besson Lucy did not disappoint Quite the contrary. A study published last May by Comicsbeat also stipulates that readers of comics are in fact 47% of readers, which may justify the announcement of Marvel July: Thor will now be a woman.

Milo Manara responded to various criticisms on the Italian site dedicated to comics Fumettologica, thinking particularly surprised that “some people take this as serious” when “there much more important and worrying issues. ” The author mentions in particular “what happens to Ferguson and dramatic Ebola outbreak.” Milo Manara also states that “censorship of the female body should not be a Western trait.” The designer also returns to the laying of Spider-Woman, ensuring you have chosen, “every imaginable poses a less problematic.” Milo Manara ensure that “Spider-Woman could not just be sitting in a chair”

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