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Vassiliu, Paul Rudd, Manara … The 5 pictures of the week – Le Figaro

IN PICTURES – The death of the performer Who is the one , the first official still from the film Ant-Man? , coverage of controversial Spider-Woman … The moments that marked this week.

 Pierre has Vassiliu & # XE9 , dyed & # xE0; the xE2 & #; age of 76 years.

Pierre Vassiliu has died at the age of 76 Photo credits:

The week is open with a tribute to Pierre Vassiliu, died Sunday morning at the age of 76. Suffering from Parkinson’s disease for many years, the singer died in his sleep at a medical facility in Sete Herault. Singer also known for his famous mustache, he is the interpreter of the famous tube Who’s that? , released in 1973 Alternating humorous, anti-militarist or more poems, Pierre scored a Vassiliu generation of fans. Friend of Georges Brassens, he sang some texts, it was also close to Claude Nougaro. “It was extremely influential songs, even if the public does not recognize them as such necessarily” says Bertrand Dicale, music journalist with Agence France-Presse, before continuing: “His songs make you want to go on a volcanic Take a vacation without a watch or phone and others are formally daring and fascinating text. “

 The new m & # XE9; singing & lt; i & gt; Star Wars & lt; / i & gt; he will be the Inquisitor?

The new villain Star Wars will he Inquisitor

In a completely different note, the picture of the “villain” new Star Wars VII was unveiled. Last June already much speculation surrounding the name of the evil character for this seventh installment in the intergalactic saga. Who will succeed Darth Vader, Darth Maul or Senator Palpatine? The name of the Inquisitor lurking for several weeks on the Web. This is the site that Indierevolver unveiled the image, the vision turns frightening. That face looks like a cyborg so Terminator harbinger of a formidable character. Star Wars Rebel s, the Inquisitor plays a central role. Charged by Darth Vader to hunt down and eliminate the Jedi in all corners of the galaxy with his lightsaber with two blades, he is a ruthless hunter.

Paul Rudd in the Ant-Man skin.

Paul Rudd in Photo credits:

The first image of Ant-Man devoted to the Man-ant has been unveiled on social networks. The shooting of the film based on the Marvel comic, has officially started on the streets of San Francisco. The film traces the Ant-Man adventures that using a gas narrowing, finds himself able to take the size of an ant. Paul Rudd, used great American comedies ( 40 years: Owner’s Manual, I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall will ), Scott Lang will play on the big screen. The actor will be headlining along with a cast of shock, as the legendary Michael Douglas will play his mentor and actress Lord of the Rings , Evangeline Lilli, the daughter of the latter.

sign & Comics # XE9 e Sergio Salma.

BD signed Sergio Salma Credits. picture:

“The life of a superstar and a superstar told in jokes, cartoons and short stories. ” That’s what the press release promises the publishing house Bamboo, which publishes Gérard Depardieu, the biopic BD , to be published in September. Signed Sergio Salma, the thick BD (224 pages) has a red cover farting an unflattering portrait of the actor of Going Places . Air booby crushed by a nose to clear form his avatar appears as a little naive smile, rather shifted to the character. This would be a chronological narrative in which the author returns to the difficult childhood of Depardieu in Chateauroux as on his escapades, without neglecting his meteoric rise in the cinema.

 The coverage of Manara for new adventures Spider-Woman.

Manara coverage for the new adventures of Spider-Woman

For the return of Spider-Woman, Marvel chose virtuoso erotic comics, the iltalien artist Milo Manara. A choice instantly criticized on social networks and in some media. Considered too sexy, alternative coverage of the new installment of the adventures of the superhero shows a young woman with molded body in his costume and suggestive pose. Representation at first sight more sexualized than proposed by the creators of comics, Dennis Hopeless and artist Greg Land cover. On this Twitter user is indignant: “Serious Marvel? (…) As a reminder, you make comics, not soft porn. ” The American magazine Time asks: “Should we forgive Marvel for that awful cover of Spider-Woman?” Or how Marvel is accused of doing comics for libidinous men .. .


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