Sunday, August 24, 2014

Roads: tough day for the penultimate crossover of … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Lyon (AFP) – Nearly 400 km of cumulative caps were still listed on the roads in the early afternoon on Saturday by Traffic monitoring for the penultimate driven cross holidays

. Even if we stay away from the record set three weeks ago with 1,000 miles of slowdowns, the day red listed by the information center and road safety in the sense of returns, still had its share of difficulties with a peak at around 500 kms caps midday.

to 3:00 p.m., the trend was downward in the number and size of caps, according to Traffic monitoring.

However patience remained set for motorists in the Rhone Valley and the A7 which focused much difficulty, but also on the A6, between Lyon and Paris, on the A10 and the A63, between Bordeaux and the Spanish border.

Auvergne, traffic was also heavy in the sense of returns, with 38 kms of slowdown between Clermont-Ferrand and Gannat on the A71, and nearly 25 kms accumulated on the A75 plugs.

On the A7, which measures speed control were taken, it was always, at 15:00, after 2:30 for the trip between Orange and South Lyon , against 1:40 in normal times.

The main difficulties were located after Montelimar South (7 kms slowdown) and after Loriol (3 kms.)

Due to traffic problems CRICRs the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne has asked motorists to avoid the area, leaving the A7 up Bollène to join Valencia via an alternative route.

In the Val de Saône, on the A6 The traffic was very heavy and increasing after Macon, northbound.

On the A63, several delays sometimes exceeding 10 kms were reported in both directions, between the Turnpike and Hendaye Bordeaux.

Major slowdowns also at several points along the A10 between the Bordeaux area and the capital.

In the sense of departure, where the day had been classified orange , traffic was slow at several points along the A7, especially between Lyon and Vienna (10 kms) after Chanas (31 kms) and after Loriol (4 kms.)

It should still count more at 15:00 2 hours to get from Lyon to Orange instead of 1:40 usually.

Tunnel du Mont-Blanc, the waiting time at the toll towards Italy was 60 minutes away, as in the other direction.

Sunday Bison Smart placed the day in green in the direction of departures, orange for returns, except in the west and center where it is red listed.


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