Friday, August 22, 2014

Quentin Tarantino: the generic its western leaked on the Internet – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The first images, intended to be private, his next film The Hateful Eight have been posted on the sly. Certainly, the fate hounds the director of Django Unchained .

Definitely, Tarantino has no luck . The first projected lucky few pictures have leaked on the internet. After his script was unveiled a few months ago, the director had announced the death of the project. Finally, the former enfant terrible of Hollywood relented and rewrote it, to the delight of moviegoers.

With this stolen video circulating on the Internet, so users are discovering animation which displays the names of the next iconic characters The Hateful Eight . The wildcard in this western (lasting 2 minutes 22 seconds) scrolls across the bottom of rock, leaving it to explode and where traces of blood. In moviegoer warned, Tarantino pays tribute to generic famous Saul Bass, the origin of the cult images of West Side Story , Anatomy of a Murder , or Psycho

However, it does not discover the entire cast, even if the names of Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern and Amber Tamblyn should be showing. Recently, it was reported that Jennifer Lawrence was in negotiations to join the all-star cast.

Given the fate usually reserved for characters in his films, it is better that the director of Django Unchained does not call his hand on the head of the flight line this trailer pirate.


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