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Marion Cotillard does not want to get lost in his characters – The Point

Marion Cotillard is currently in full promotion in the UK for the film by the Dardenne Two days brothers, one night . Daily Telegraph , which met her, devotes a rave and melancholic portrait, highlighting its unique beauty, “Chaplin”, it looks like according to the journalist to Giulietta Masina. But especially emphasizing his working methods, borrowed from the Actors Studio, where he comes to know everything about his character and to approach the point of merging with him.

A method where the actress, as we know, left a few feathers: “I am touched by the characters I play, and sometimes it’s hard to live with them” she says. One thinks of La Vie en Rose , of course. Cotillard and returns to the role, particularly in Anglo-Saxon countries, sticks to the skin. Piaf, she said, the primary role that the actress has struggled to quit: “I did not understand why I could not do it, I was ashamed of not being able to return to my life . I went to dinner and, before arriving, I realized that it was close to where she lived. lot of things like that. I feel connected to it to in a way that was not healthy for me, “she says.

” Enter the roles is part of the process but also to get out, “adds Marion Cotillard. “I want to go as far as I can, but so that I can come back.” In his new role, that of Sandra, a worker who struggles to keep his job, the method Dardenne brothers did not have to help the actress. She says that the brothers turned in one take, but do play the scene “one hundred times.” To hold, she said they had to invent a lifetime Sandra, in which it would draw new inspirations. “I needed to know what his life was like when she was on top of the depression, how it had affected her relationship with her husband and her children. [...] I invented him a brother and I ‘ I built a story between them, so it was not at all in the movie. “


To play the depression of her character, Marion Cotillard explains that he drew on his own experience depression, which she says she “escaped” when the charge felt close to falling into it. “I know what it’s like to have more interest in anything. I felt empty and useless.”

In a previous interview with another British newspaper, The Guardian in early August, one that shares her life with the actor-director Guillaume Canet said it had “tried everything” to get rid of the character of Edith Piaf, who was haunted for eight months. “I did the exorcism with salt and fire. Traveled to Bora Bora to escape him. I went to Peru on Machu Picchu, and I participated in ceremonies ancestral shamanic to clean up before me to understand why I could not let her go, “she had said. “She was abandoned as a child. His greatest fear was to be alone,” she had said again.

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