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“Guardians of the Galaxy” – James Gunn: “Child, I loved … – Le Point

Do not tell James Gunn that he has no experience! Certainly, before being propelled at the helm of Guardians of the Galaxy , he had made three feature films. Certainly, before the $ 170 million made available by Marvel, its biggest budget was 15 million. But he wrote in a book published in 2010, all he needed to know about making a film, he learned in The Toxic Avenger . For the uninitiated, produced by Troma Entertainment, the studio specialized in B-movies and volunteers nanars, The Toxic Avenger is a horror film parody stories of superheroes. A very good school so, as explained by James Gunn

Point. The Guardians of the Galaxy is a bet size. This is amazing given a Marvel blockbuster of this magnitude relatively inexperienced director you are

James Gunn : If Marvel and Kevin Feige (P -DG, Ed) were willing to take a risk on this film, it’s because they know that for a studio to continue to grow we must take risks and evolve constantly. Some think it is a big risk-taking, but it would have been much more risky not to take that risk! This film helps bring new life and new concepts in the Marvel universe to make it a richer experience. And I am not so inexperienced, I learned many of my low-budget films.

Exactly, what did you learn from your time at Troma Entertainment where you made your debut?

I learned everything there was to know about the process of making a film. At Troma, I had to write the scripts myself and pass the auditions, find my shooting locations, producing, directing actors, do the editing of the film, take care to distribution and even create posters! So it was an intensive and practical course on how to make a film from A to Z with minimum budget.

How was the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy

It was first found Star Lord, aka Peter Quill, and it was very difficult. It took considerable time and auditioned over 150 people, as well as unknown stars. And Chris Pratt came with twenty pounds. He really did not seem made for this role and I did not have to take it seriously. But he started reading and after twenty seconds I knew it was my Star Lord. After that, it was easy, it just took help lose weight!

The music is very important in this movie. Why having granted such a place?

The idea came to me early. When I started writing the script, I wanted to integrate the narration of the story with its Walkman cassette compilation. It is a compilation of all the songs that the mother of Peter Quill loved when she was young, and this is the last link of Peter with his native land. So these songs become the emotional backbone of the film. The other benefit is that they help to give the public face familiar landmarks to landscapes who themselves absolutely are not.

How do you explain the enduring success of Marvel box office

This is the strategy of comic books found on big screen . Child, I loved how all the comic book series were connected to each other and were part of the same universe. I also loved the fact that each title has its own style with different artists involved. I think Kevin Feige has said very quietly, “I will simply transfer it in the field of cinema.” And with the advent of digital effects, it has become possible.

What kind of movies does he will not end up boring the audience?

But precisely, The Guardians of the Galaxy is not “that kind” of film. He is his own genre, quite unique! I would also consider not really like a movie superhero … Formerly, these films were considered scrap the film industry. Today, there are plenty of great directors and actors who want to do! This means they will each become better and attract even more people. Who knows where all this will go

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