Thursday, August 14, 2014

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 Michael Jackson - XSCAPE I will gladly concede the title of this article has something quite surprising, and yet … five years after his death, the deceased king pop is the hero of his new video. It accompanies the title “A Place With No Name”, the new single from his second posthumous album “Xscape”.

Presented premiere on Twitter, the clip ended up landing on Youtube today. He directed Michael Jackson in person and was directed by Samuel Bayer.

While Michael Jackson loved to rest his songs and pictures also considered the forerunner of the video clip.

Perfectionist as he was, would he have given so far approved this clip is essentially archive images

Already “Xscape” was not to the liking of a part of the Jackson clan, one imagines that the use of these images may be some teeth gnashing.

This spring Jermaine Jackson was one of the first to criticize this album lamenting the passing no family member has been involved in the project.

Yes but with as juicy as that of the death of Michael Jackson, not sure if this business ends soon market.

Recall that the album “Xscape” are 8 unreleased tracks that Michael Jackson never wanted to present to his audience and are back with the tracklist:

1. Love never felt so good

Chicago 2 3 Loving you
4. up with no name
5 Slave to the rhythm
6 Do you know Where are your children

gangsta 7 Blue 8 Xscape



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