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Lauren Bacall, Hollywood legend, died – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – The legendary film noir heroine, who formed a legendary couple Humphrey Bogart, died at 89 years

A Hollywood legend is gone. Lauren Bacall died Tuesday in New York to 89 years. “It is with deep sorrow but with much gratitude for his incredible life that we confirm the death of Lauren Bacall,” said Tuesday night his family. The website TMZ, which specializes in the lives of celebrities, said that the actress had died at her home in New York “a massive cardiovascular event.” She lived in the Dakota, a famous building on the edge of Central Park.

Lauren Bacall bewitched Hollywood cinema by his deep voice and his icy blue eyes for more than 60 year career. Born September 16, 1924 in New York, Betty Joan Perske whose real name is the only daughter of Romanian-Polish Jewish immigrants, the family of former Israeli President Shimon Peres. A cover of Harper’s Bazaar and a few fashion photos inside the magazine decided his fate, in March 1943 She is nineteen years old, is divided between modeling, little job of opener and during drama, in his native New York. Howard Hawks’s wife noticed that haughty physical face with sharp features, piercing green eyes under the brows pronounced. She urged her husband to audition the young beauty for his next film, The Port of anxiety (To Have and Have Not) . Betty said the text perfectly; but she is so intimidated that they drop the chin while looking up at the camera. Thus are legends born: it is “the look” that famous look below, and direct strangely mysterious. He spent sensuality and insolence, challenge and distance.


The future star still has an asset that would not arouse suspicion Photos: his deep voice almost hoarse with intonations that Hawks made it work immediately. It is still called Betty, but she has already taken the maiden name of his mother, Bacal. His father, who abandoned them when she was a child she does not want to hear about it. Howard Hawks, director Pygmalion who takes her under contract for seven films, is to add an “s” to Bacal, chose the name of Lauren. From his first appearance on the screen, here ready to become the new female fatale film noir which then know their golden age. As Venus emerging from the waves, out of the shadows Bacall

Another Pygmalion waiting on the set. Partner, Humphrey Bogart, at the height of his glory. He is 44 years old, he is married to actress Mayo Methot, he drinks too much. The thunderbolt is reciprocal, and the passion that consumes the characters overflows quickly overs. The struggles between Gaullists and Pétain in the waters of Fort-de-France, used to plot the Port anxiety , have left a more obscure than the brilliant encounter sensual memory and insolence of the owner of the boat and adventurer. And the famous line: “If you need me, you just have to whistle. You know whistle, Steve? “This boyish aplomb, this distinction a bit thug, that we had not yet seen. The way to deal Bacall seduction in good comrade remained unmatched.

Bogart divorce to marry Bacall in 1945 The following year, the Howard Hawks met again on screen in The Big Sleep. A story of blackmail very tangled when Inspector Marlowe falls for the beautiful Vivian. They still turn two beautiful black films together, The Dark Passage Delmer Daves (1947) and Key Largo by John Huston (1948). They had two children, Stephen, born in 1949, and Leslie, in 1952 Their conjugal love will dream of America, until the death of Humphrey Bogart died of cancer in 1957, “Before meeting him, I thought come across a rather rude guy, “recalled Lauren Bacall, who would have preferred to shoot with Cary Grant. “I did not know he had an excellent education, read a lot, talked well. This is a fantastic opportunity to have been trained by a man of his age, and the friends of his generation, as Gregory Peck, David Niven or Noel Coward, who had a crazy mind. “

1950, Lauren Bacall turns to comedy, where its safe elegance itself, its humor, its steep side, a little masculine, work wonders. Negulesco gives him How to Marry a Millionaire and Woman’s World , Minnelli Designing Woman . She interprets a designer formal wear, the type of work she found later in Misery Rob Reiner (1990) and Ready-to-wear by Robert Altman (1994).

A personality

After the death of Humphrey Bogart, she returned to live in New York, and is found on stage at Broadway Goodbye Charlie , Cactus Flower , Woman of the Year or Applause , a musical by Eve Mankiewicz, which earned him Tony Award in 1970, the work is broadcast on television where Lauren Bacall as a career until the series Soprano: she plays himself. It will never cease to work in film. But the Murder on the Orient Express , Dogville and Manderlay Lars von Trier, the film will offer him more very big roles . It will remain the star aura of its legendary past, giving luster to a generic. And continues to do his job without useless nostalgia. His bravery and frankness make it cut short: “The old days were great, but they passed. Let us today. “

To make things clear, she has written two autobiographies, For myself (Editions Stock) and Only (Michel Lafon Editions), which is its complement. Eloquent title. It tells its origins girl Jewish immigrants, Romanian, German and Polish (she was the cousin of Shimon Peres), the abrupt departure of her father, she will refuse to review when it resurface years later, men of his life after Bogart, there was Sinatra, who plated goujatement, Jason Robards, married in 1961, she divorced eight years later because of his alcoholism. “I spent alone most of my life,” she observed. She was as smart and spiritual men were scarce. Howard Hawks was probably right to think that, more than an actress, Bacall was a personality. A proud temperament. She wore the independence and plumes of smoke as a person

Main movies:

– “To Have and Have not.” (The port of distress, 1944), Howard Hawks

– “Confidential Agent” (1945), Herman Shumlin

– “The Big Sleep” (The Big Sleep, 1946 ), Howard Hawks

– “Dark Passage (The Dark Passage, 1947), Delmer Daves

-” Key Largo “(1948), John Huston

– “Young Man with a Horn” (Woman with a Horn, 1950), Michael Curtiz

– “Bright Leaf” (King Tobacco, 1950), Michael Curtiz

– “How to Marry a Millionaire” (1953), Jean Negulesco

– “Woman’s World” (The Woman’s World, 1954), Jean Negulesco

– ‘The cobweb “(The Cobweb, 1955), Vincente Minnelli

-” Blood Alley “(The bloody driveway, 1955), William Wellman

-” Written on the Wind ” (Written on the Wind, 1956), Douglas Sirk

– “Designing Woman” (The female model 1957), Vincente Minnelli

– “The gift of love” (The woman I loved, 1958), Jean Negulesco

– “Shock Treatment” (1964) Denis Sanders

– “Sex and the Single Girl” (A blank on the couch 1964 ), Anthony Quinn

– “Harper” (Private Investigation, 1966), Jack Smight

– “Murder on the Orient Express” (Murder on the Orient Express, 1974) Sydney Lumet

– “The shootist” (The Shootist, 1976), Don Siegel

– “The Fan” (Fanatic, 1981), Edward Bianchi

– “Misery” (1990), Rob Reiner

– “Ready to Wear” (1994), Robert Altman

– “Day and Night” ( 1997), Bernard-Henri Levy

– “Dogville” (2003), Lars von Trier

– “Manderlay” (2005), Lars von Trier

– “The Forger” (2012), Lawrence Roeck, his last film as an actress


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