Tuesday, August 19, 2014

John Green, a humanist on YouTube – The World

Fans of the book by John Green, & quot; The Fault in Our Stars & quot; (& quot; Our stars contrary & quot;) at the first of the film based on this novel, in Nashville (Tennessee), 8 May 2014

The key to everything (2/12 )

In June, the Time placed him among the 100 most influential people while Forbes scored between Dan Brown and Stephen King, in the list of the six most powerful writers in the world. At 36 – he looks 25 – John Green, author of Our stars opposite (Nathan, 2013), adapted into a film by Josh Boone (scheduled August 20th release) has already reached the status of cult author. That earned him a few health problems. Having promised that dédicacerait copies of The Fault in Our Stars preorder on Amazon, six months before the publication of the novel in 2011, he was forced to sign … 150 000 and to undertake a rehabilitation of the shoulder

Read Review “Our stars opposites’.” Love Story “junior

Then his book, most fervent admirers know replicas by heart, figured for one hundred twenty-four consecutive weeks among the top bestsellers New York Times .

Why such enthusiasm for love and death story between two young terminally ill cancer patients in a crowded literary scene stories of vampires, gothic romances and spy thrillers whose heroes are just puberty? It depends primarily on the sensitivity of a writer who is able to accurately capture the emotional depth, acute intelligence and vulnerability of adolescence, but also to …


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