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PHOTOS + VIDEO – Emily in Gone Girl “Women will say … – People

Emily Ratajkowski , sublime American model revealed last year thanks to the clip Blurred Lines Robin Thicke, has been consistently catch the wave these last few months .

Since late 2013, all are fighting over: sour Terry Richardson magazine GQ , passing through the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuits Issue 2014 where sculptural young woman is talking all its charms , and even Hollywood to it proposed one after three films: Gone Girl David Fincher , the adaptation of the series Entourage , and the new film with Zac Efron currently filming.

This is a real wave Emily Ratajkowski that awaits us in the coming months with the first Gone Girl highly anticipated thriller adapted from the The Skins by Gillian Flynn, in which the beautiful brunette will interfere in the heart of the couple formed by Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike , which will land on our screens in October.

In the midst of promoting this thriller, which just celebrated its 23 years , which was elected there a few months “Woman of the Year” by the monthly Esquire , is omnipresent in the media. And after offering a few pages in the monthly GQ where she “analyzed” the contemporary geo-political and taclait Europeans , it is in the pages of the magazine . Ocean Drive that the young woman back today

Emily confides in particular with regard to nudity it is not stingy: “The female body is a beautiful thing, and it should be celebrated and adored. There is nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself. And the way I danced (in the clip Robin Thicke) , quite silly and sarcastic, it was not for men, it was for me and other women like you danseriez in your apartment. “
But the beautiful brunette pushes his reflection: “Everything that is found in pop culture today, which involves naked women and clothed men, we should criticize him I was glad the clip. be criticized, it was an opportunity for me to say things that seemed important to me and to address today’s feminism and women in popular culture in general. “

Finally, concerning the placing on orbit imminent thanks to his role in Gone Girl , one of the lady of Ben Affleck , she says : “Some may think while watching the film, I understand why he cheats on his wife. Not just because he is unhappy with it, but also because it has the temptation of this gorgeous girl crazy about him. And many women think so: but what a slut “

In addition to the interview, Emily lent itself to a shoot for Ocen Drive with we offer behind the scenes:

The Story of Gone Girl To mark its fifth anniversary Nick Dunne reported missing by his wife, Amy. Under pressure from the police and the media frenzy, the image of the model couple begins to crumble. Soon the lies of Nick and his strange behavior causes any the world to ask the same question: has he killed his wife

The trailer Gone Girl , in theaters? October 8:


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