Monday, August 18, 2014

The singer Pierre Vassiliu died: listen “Who is he” – TF1

The singer Pierre Vassiliu, performs the famous song “Who’s that?” Died Sunday morning at the age of 76 years, said her daughter told AFP. He was suffering from Parkinson’s disease for many years, said Sophie was born, adding that the singer died “in his sleep” in a medical facility of Sète.

“What is he doing? What he Who is this? Completely mad this guy here …”. This is an adaptation of a song by Brazilian Chico Buarque that made him famous in 1973 with 300,000 copies sold in four months, he will tell you “lived fifteen years with the money of this song.”

Jazz in Senegal

Born October 23, 1937 in Villecresnes in the Val de Marne, singer, author and composer of the famous mustache, which started in the late 50s in Parisian cabarets, has signed a number of other songs like “The wife of Sergeant” or “In my loving home.” It was a “noble craftsman in the art of song” and not one of those “made in two months artists” tell him the former president of the SACEM, Laurent Petitgirard.

Who’s that? “It was a great stroke of luck. But even if a media plan, he has not experienced such a moment of glory,” he has not been “frustrated because he never sought to place “in the latter category. With his other passion, travel, Pierre Vassiliu brought back from his travels in Africa and Brazil a taste for sounds from elsewhere. He settled in Senegal between 1985 and 1989 where he opened a jazz club. A career dotted all for this former jockey, his first job, which was also conservator, composer of film music and had also created a concert hall in Apt in the Vaucluse.

“Who is this one”



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