Saturday, August 23, 2014

“Rock en Seine” Blondie opens the show – Le Parisien

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             August 23, 2014, 10:56
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<- hard dé e <- ITEM RECIPE -> <- NORMAL ARTICLE -> <- - begin excerpt!>: 0.037296056747437 sec -> View a legendary rock star live under a double rainbow sky, this is what Friday proposed the first night of “Rock en Seine” to its approximately 40,000 festival goers for the first evening of this traditional appointment of the late summer. At the gates of Paris, the festival in the Parc de Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine) marks the musical return and lifts the spirits of many Parisians came slumming before the resumption of business in September. <- Block compl dé! Ments -> <- bloc_complements.tpl -> <- -> <- BLOCK ON THE SAME TOPIC ->
       <- End bloc_complements.tpl -> <- hard dé e: 0.017452001571655 sec -> With the legendary band Blondie worn by the beautiful Debbie Harry, the face of the new-wave New York, they were on their behalf.

Not a wrinkle on her face leaves appear its spring 69. The tubes were not more aged. The platinum blonde tumbled on stage to deliver a show that won an audience of fans of all ages, many of whom were not born in the golden age of the group. Despite the rain, hits (that’s a euphemism) “Atomic” and “Heart Of Glass” and “Call Me” were sung by Debbie motivated by sparing no effort blows his reels arm crowd . Do not spoil the singer forever immortalized by Andy Warhol in one of his most famous portraits had a look of rocker to be the envy of the hottest girls on a spree. Teddy on his shoulders, white sunglasses, a jingle dress … No complaints. Not to mention the pocket mirror in heart shape hanging on the microphone.

VIDEO. Blondie returns on 40-year career

A radical change of style an hour later on the same stage with “Die Antwoord” musical UFO and real marginal phenomenon came to South Africa. This irreverent band that mixes rap, rock and dubstep has delivered a calibrated show worn by projections of their improbable clips on a giant screen. With a crazy stage presence, they took to the apotheosis of youth came to unleash their tube Baby’s on fire, seen 23 million times on YouTube.

The evening ended with “Artic Monkeys”, led by its charismatic leader Alex Turner. Swaying to the pool and Elvis gleaming guitars, stars have provided live about an hour and a half, delighting their fans.

This 12th edition continues throughout the weekend with a program very 90s with this Saturday and Sunday Portishead Prodigy. Do not miss the young Belgian Selah Sue should sing new songs from a forthcoming album in February, or Janelle Monae, small protected Prince, but especially Lana Del Rey and Queens of the Stone Age on Sunday.


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