Monday, August 18, 2014

Besides Warcraft, Robin Williams will be honored with a Zelda game – Cinema

Just days after the death of Robin Williams, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the actor would appear in World of Warcraft. He was an avid player of MMORPG and box promised make it appear as NPCs (non-player character). . “Robin Williams, we hope you enjoyed your stay in this world See you in the game”

This is a petition for fans of the actor who was responsible for that decision, and the same thing has just happened around Zelda. Robin was indeed so addicted to this game in the 80 that he named his daughter as Princess after running Link. For the 25 years of the franchise, Robin and Zelda Williams had even agreed to advertise the game for Nintendo:

The petition that a character in the next installment of the video game is called Robin Williams drew nearly 110,000 signatures on , and the spokesman of Nintendo reported that the request was taken seriously by the group. “We appreciate the tremendous support from the players and we understand the request of fans who would like to pay tribute to him in a future game. “ However, the way to honor the memory of the actor is not yet known “This is a difficult time, and we do not want to discuss hurriedly Would it be possible or not to make an episode of Zelda One thing is certain:.. we will keep fond memories of Robin Williams. He was loved Nintendo and for the moment, we would first like to pay our respects to his family. Zelda And, in particular, with whom we worked several times. “.

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