Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael C. Hall, the actor of “Dexter,” a series adapted from … –

SERIES – The interpreter of the famous serial killer will embody the most famous thieves of history of the United States …

A year after “Dexter” Michael C. Hall is back on television. Entertainment One seeks to adapt as a miniseries posthumous scenario of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, entitled “God Fearing Man” since 2012. The Hollywood Reporter , actor Michael C. Hall, revealed by “Six Feet Under” and praised for his role as serial killer in “Dexter,” was chosen to play the main character.

A series based on a true story

“God Fearing Man” is based on a true story, that of Herbert Emerson Wilson, a Canadian pastor turned bank robber in the early twentieth century America. Michael C. Hall will play Pastor Wilson, who had stolen as much as $ 16 million and had even pulled a book ( I Stole $ 16,000,000 .)

The producer and son-in Kubrick Philip Hobbs, who has worked on Full Metal Jacket , took over the project. Michael Rosenberg, vice president of Entertainment One produces the miniseries, was explained in the choice of Michael C. Hall: “We knew we had to pick a leading man, the talent and charisma to lead the project and we said we would take the time to find the perfect fit. “

The series will be offered soon in the American television, but no release date has yet been provided.

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