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“When I see ‘the Port of stress’, I want to light a … – Le Nouvel Observateur

Without the port, without anxiety, without the fog, without Bogart, Lauren Bacall would be? Weird, but not a star. For it is in the film Howard Hawks Betty Joan Perske, small model for fashion shoots, became Lauren Bacall, and she met her fate. “I had to light the cigarette Humphrey Bogart My hand was shaking so much that I went to find something to help me. I put my head down and I propped my elbow on my chest.” And that is how the look, the look of famous Bacall was born

Do not forget the voice. Slightly hoarse, a little low, it gives chills evokes smoke cigars Cuban and evenings in bars around the world. A woman with that voice is fiercely sexy. She tells Bogart:

You did not need to do anything, say anything. Nothing. Ah, if: you can whistle me. You know how to do, Steve? You join your lips and you blow. “

Wearing anxiety

How censorship of the time she missed such dialogue? Simple: no censors has understood that the fatal beauty Bogart proposed an air of magic flute This is the Control Board was more concerned with the need to identify trends left Hemingway (who had promised. on the Republican side in Spain) and in the novel (translated as “Have and Have Not”), let slip his political views. Obviously, Lauren Bacall, 19 years old at the time, was unaware of the intentions of Hawks which, from the outset, announced: “This time, we will push the envelope too far”

A meeting in Paris

Fifty years later, Lauren Bacall was. sitting on a sofa on the set of “Ready-to-wear.” Robert Altman directed hundred extras, ten stars and a few technicians in the halls of the castle of Ferrieres, near Paris. Marcello Mastroianni lit a cigarette and leaned to the former Mrs. Bogart: “Is not we do a wonderful job? We just take us by car, we are offered a coffee, we were asked if it was good shit, you asked us to tell our replica, it brings us back to the hotel “A little surprise, Lauren Bacall answered simply.” Me, I am offered orchids and then asked me the rest. “In a shared laugh, the two actors spent the evening reminiscing. Julia Roberts, not far away, was intrigued. So do I.

interview, that night, when we questioned her about Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall was felt a slight annoyance. For, after all, she said, “I had my life.” Certainly. But we were importing its marriage to Jason Robards, probably a fascinating man? And her affair with Frank Sinatra, whom she nearly married? And his next film, “How to Marry a Millionaire”, “Written on the Wind,” “Murder on the Orient express “? And his appearances in ridiculous movies like” A Star for Two “with Anthony Quinn, or” Day and night “with Arielle Dombasle? Nothing – nothing! – Had the magic images of the “Port of anxiety,” not even his other films with Bogart, “The Big Sleep”, “The Dark Passage” and “Key Largo”

Proud of his Democratic battle

But it evoked happy, it was his fight against McCarthy. Outraged hunting red instituted by Senator, she went with her husband to Washington in October 1947, to protest: “We were there with our signs, with Henry Fonda, Gene Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Edward G. Robinson … It really was a lousy time. But we won in the end. ” And to drive the point home, she repeated: “I have always voted Democrat I’ve always been against the Republicans, they make me tired..”

When Robert Altman came to pick “Miss Bacall” to. turn, he bowed slightly toward her, reached out and graciously asked: “? Ready for a waltz, Lauren,” she stood up, ruffled his hair, and added , for me, “One day I will write my unauthorized biography.” Then she left “say his lines.”

I’ve never reviewed, but every time I see “Port of anguish,” I want to light a cigarette

François Forestier -. Nouvel Observateur


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