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EXCLUSIVE – Adele Haenel: “I love burlesque It is dynamic, c … – Cinema.

Adèle Haenel has gripped the French auteur films in his way, head-on-body. Between his debut at age 13 in The Devils , Christophe Ruggia, and its role in the next film by André Téchiné ( A man that loved too ) the actress has been busy: disturbing swimmer in Lilies , Celine Sciamma, she then imposed his carnal presence in Bertrand Bonello ( L ‘Apollonide – Souvenirs de la maison close ), Catherine Corsini ( Three Worlds ) or Katell Quillévéré (Suzanne). A mixture of brute force and seduction found in Fighters, Thomas Cailley, in which she plays a young virile woman prepares a military camp to survive the Apocalypse.

I: What did you like about this role of girl obsessed with the end of the world
ADELE HAENEL: Madeleine is a character up with endian, totally uncompromising and, more importantly, it’s funny. Not in the sense “I’ll tell you a joke,” but because it has a very original vision of life. And what attracted me was the physical side, the bastons: I had a gun, I was happy

This is your first real comic role.. Were you comfortable?
I do not particularly have to force me. When I was a kid, I felt my emotions first film as a spectator in front of Tex Avery, The Mask and all the stuff with Jim Carrey. The “mental” movies, it came later.

It seems that it is through the body that you approach your roles here through the burlesque. You consider yourself a “physical” actress
I love burlesque. It’s dynamic, it’s the fun of the game in its purest form. A bit like being in the playground. The film is rich
because in addition to the comic aspect, it has a metaphorical dimension: what does “live” when you’re young and defenseless against the world? Especially today, where we see that the future is a bit stuffy. There has already been great people before us, the better. This leaves us very little, except our own obsessions.

In the film, you have a nice fight scene with a boy. You still practicing judo?
(laughter.) No. I have done 5 to 12 years, until the green belt. I’m a little disgusted because it seems it’s easier to have the green. Everyone told me that, while I, I feel like a hero!

Have you ever swam with Rangers down like Madeleine
No, sorry, only with plastic sandals … But when I was little, my favorite game was to cross the river by carrying big stones.

No Another problem with the physical challenge: the love scenes
I had met Kevin (Azaïs, his partner?). When I’ve seen it happen on Fighters, more than ten years later, I hallucinated! For Kevin, it was moving, but there was also something stressful to the extent that I had already shot scenes of love and not him. Fortunately, we had confidence in one another.

This summer, you’ll also be on view of man that is loved too much, André Téchiné, who recounts The Roux-Agnelet case. I guess the atmosphere was more serious on the set …
Yes, both roles have nothing to do. Téchiné’s happening on the Riviera in a very aristocratic atmosphere. It’s more literary and dramatic. Agnes Le Roux, I interpret, is a young woman is consumed. I was constantly afraid of what Andre was going to say because it really is relentless. It is intimidating because of its history and its franchise. It forced me to not let me go, I want to crop, because at one time, so we start to kiffer on a shoot we did anything.

What is it like to play the daughter of Catherine Deneuve
At first I was afraid of getting fired. I thought, “If someone jumps, it is inevitably me, so let us not too noticed. “Just like the first days back to school. Do not you tell your life to everyone, whatever. Anyway, as soon as I saw that the team trusted me, I really exploded

Interview Eric Vernay (ericvernay)

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