Tuesday, August 12, 2014

REVIEW – The Role of my life: “No doubt, seduces Braff with this … – Premiere.fr Cinema

Synopsis: Aidan surges to quarantine butterflies in my stomach. When he’s not going to audition to become an actor, he has to deal with his wife consumed by boredom, his tormented children, her autistic brother, his ailing father …

The First notice: Ten years or so after the final romantic Garden State , Zach Braff tells a hangover Wish I Was Here by giving the bad role wannabe Brad Pitt unemployed. His two films tell the same story of a young adult given to the world and yet absent, frightened at the thought of missing out on his life. Like the kidult Garden State picked by the love he waited, on the brink of making the wrong choice and planting Natalie Portman, the family man Braff plays in Wish I Was Here freaking miss the role that will allow him to play a simulated Luke Skywalker in a Hollywood blockbuster and therefore to find his dad behind the mask of Darth Vader … When the horror of life (illness, death, spleen) catches our hero awaits a revelation escapes in mental projections or console watching his children grow up. No doubt, seduces Braff with this cute film about hope, education and transmission of dreams, especially since it really has a knack for crunching our time with his hilarious YouTube or rabbi before his insulting geek Miley Cyrus via Twitter. But after a long absence, he returned through the back door by quoting A Serious Man Coen brothers all the time in the questioning of religion or recycling codes indie production, with its inescapable moral scout: “Believe in yourself and you will become a superhero for your loved ones. “

Thomas Agnelli

The Role of My Life, in theaters tomorrow. Trailer:

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