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Adèle Haenel, actress plural and singular – Télé

Paris, 2001 Adèle Haenel 12 years. She accompanied her brother to a casting. The role: a kid abandoned at birth. The film: The Devils , Christophe Ruggia. He was spotted by a casting director before his college Montreuil, but it is fiercely daughter of Adele Wood takes it all. She landed another role, that of the autistic sister. “It was the first time in my life I drank an Orangina. The first as I was leaving to go to Paris Montreuil. The same day, my brother, we had a contest to win one at McDonald Kangoo car. We played twice and believed so we had already planned to sell one of them. I had nothing to lose, I was taken to the casting. Since then I have never been able to take away the idea that this role had cost me a Kangoo. “ Where others gargle of their vocation and other dreams of a little girl, Adele Haenel is not one to rewrite history. Nor to the play. At 25, she is one of the faces of a young author in top form cinema. Celine Sciamma, with whom she has (re) started the movie in 2007 ( Lilies ), Leah Fehner ( That one yours and the others will follow ) which she is currently filming the second film, Ogres .

Its uniqueness, she has his way, unique, to be plural. Male and female, playful and serious, pragmatic and imaginative. As credible femme fatale that hockey player. Far from the body of the young nymphs early French cinema, this tall blonde vamp face and athletic physique that crosses Paris bike. On this rainy day in July, it took fifteen minutes to rally Gambetta at the Madeleine ( “grilling fires” ). Look green water under black eyebrows that she often knits, Adele is a force that goes. A go-getter, like Madeleine, heroin Fighters , the irresistible comedy Thomas Cailley.

Since the last Cannes Film Festival and the summer release of The man who loved too , André Téchiné, in which she plays the heiress Agnes Le Roux, the young woman is multiplied to respond to media requests. This winter she had already made about her: as for her César for Best Supporting Actor in Suzanne , Katell Quillévéré, for his stirring declaration of love to Céline Sciamma, his companion. “ It uses self talk. As for the people around me, they’ll get tired of telling how great I am. He’ll have to pay them, by dint . “From an evil voice bear woke up, she apologizes. To be there, to answer next, to repeat … she swallows her words at full speed, a gesture teen, abrupt, almost burlesque.

A well-made head

Behind this live almost raw style lies a good head. “Adele is a girl who thinks,” summarizes Katell Quillévéré. Example: “My position is dialectical actress: I agree fully – it’s a way to occupy the land, to take power – but by showing me, I expose myself, I submit. It’s like an act of faith; Besides it makes me think of the scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indie succeeded in crossing a precipice only because he believes it. “ Or: ” Some films assume that communication between people is unquestionable given, other than the only certainty is the difficulty to understand. I feel closer to the second … “ Do not see this as an intellectual process claimed. Adèle Haenel for, the game is paramount. She talks about her love for genre films, especially for horror movies, which she sees as “a fun way to stage our anguished relationship to the world.” bravado, she also said she did not necessarily need the movie to play. “Life offers a lot of opportunities to make up stories. Since young, I cultivated a close relationship to fiction. I never did my homework, I was forced to get to class by giving the illusion to the contrary: it forms another way of thinking … “

In Montreuil, where she grew up we read a lot of books as a family. “I also watched a lot of cartoons, I saw all the Tex Avery, whose scenes are remade with my brother. “ After Tex Avery came Jim Carrey, the rubber man. It is turbulent. His parents enrolled him in a drama class. “The first year I did not understand what I was asked. Then, slowly, the enjoyment of the game has become. “ So, at menarche, here she is on a movie set, surrounded by busy adults. She keeps a bitter memory. “It is with The Devils I learned the ropes, but the movie was complicated. At the time, I was living in the kingdom of idiots: college. I had mentioned this experience to anyone. As for continuing the cinema, I was afraid to try something else: people would realize that I was only a joke . “

The Devils (2001), Christopher Ruggia, is the first film in which Adele Haenel cheek.

It is proposed roles that do not like it, then forget it declines. To date in 2006, when the casting director of the Devils , on the watch for the distribution of Lilies , falls upon it by chance on a street in Montreuil. Adèle Haenel then plunges to a young director, emerging just Fémis: Céline Sciamma. In the shoes of a disturbing siren, she is reborn on the screen. She saw the shooting as a moment “light”. , but remains on guard. Refuses to be locked. “Before I do the movie, I started to feel better in my shoes. I stopped skipping school. Terminal, the discovery of the philosophy has completely changed the way I think. I wanted to continue. “ Direction prep HEC. She misses the competition and saw this failure as “an immediate death sentence,” Children of the crisis, Adele is like the others. She is afraid of the future. “They raised us in the idea that what we were, at best, it was normalcy: median salary, few holidays, weekends worked. I found it ouf consider his life in that perspective! “

Involved in her time

His obsession? Fossilize. In work elsewhere. “Appropriating his life, to change, to invent Leisure is vital, right? “ Follow her angry to anti-marriage for all eyes … Without wishing to reveal – ” talk about intimacy, that drunk me “ – Adele Haenel do not think less . “Why should people stay well in their place? Obey an alleged standard, which is just a fantasy and often corresponds to the erasure of personality. I’m not saying that anything goes, but simply that gains power to move together with their differences. “ The actress is a girl engaged in his time. Moving again. She often held polls, is concerned intermittent “dispossessed of social dialogue” … As for the film, he door, she said, “an inseparable political responsibility an artistic requirement. “

Adele begins to rotate in 2010 ( After the South , Jean-Jacques Jauffret then City Valerie Mrejen). It is the catch. Valerie Mrejen asked him to read a text of Sebald. “I was a little dyslexic, the idea of ​​reading in public made me nervous, punctuation gave me nightmares. “ A friend of the director, the director Arthur Nauzyciel attends this famous play. And proposes, in the process, the character of Maria in The Seagull Chekhov. “My meeting with Arthur was decisive. He taught me that there is joy to look. With it, I got rid of my fear of failure and the crust of ego that clung to my skin. In everyone’s life, I think there are people like fireflies to light our path. Arthur is one of them. “ In the sky Adele, other fireflies crackle like Virginie Despentes whose discovery of the texts was like a breath of fresh air.

” Now, when I play I do not care reservations, I agree completely. “ She likes discomfort, door overhang, the challenge. Much like Madeleine Fighters , which swallows swimming laps with tiles in the backpack and swallowed wake smoothies mackerel. Thomas Cailley confirmed. “It finds its freedom by imposing its own constraints. I find it very beautiful. “ Today, the actress has a sense of belonging to ” team “. “There is a dynamic in the French cinema at the moment, films that take the idea of ​​the spectacular, authors who did not want to disappear behind their subjects. It’s exciting. “ side game, it cites its proximity Céline Salette or Pio Marmaï. “I never thought one day participate in a collective movement. “ A pause. “That’s the adventure. “


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