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Pierre Vassiliu it was this one – The World

singer Pierre Vassiliu (center) during the TV show & quot; Champs Elysees & quot; in Paris on 25 November 1989

A song can mark a life. Because it was danced with his love for a day or forever, or for an artist, because it will finally signed his identity. This was the case for Pierre Vassiliu, performer Who’s that? , incunabula of cool French song, released in 1973 At that time, the funny mustache, anarchist and sassy has ten years of career behind him. He is a songwriter, but on this occasion, it translated into French as a Chico Buarque, Partido Alto . Brazilian poet and singer had been in trouble with the military censor, because he was making fun of prejudice expressed against the poor and lazy Black, to whom he attributed a great talent evading police running.

Under the guise of humor, Vassiliu had complied with the philosophy of the original. “What qu’i’fait? What is he? Who’s that? Completely cracked that guy! Completely gaga … He has a funny face that guy! What do i do? What is he? … It s’passera not like that. What do i do? … We will not make s’laisser guys. No, but it’s not going my little guy! We’ll put him in jail this guy if he continues like that … “ The song fit him like a glove.


Wheezes, visionary, advocate of the South, Africa in particular, Pierre Vassiliu died Sunday, Aug. 17, in Sète, following a Parkinson disease. He was 76 years old. Born October 23, 1937 …


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