Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kristen Stewart she took the big head? – Stars News






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Currently showing of the film “Sils Maria” since Wednesday in theaters, Kristen Stewart does not take or a big head? We are entitled to ask after the interview that the young actress has given the Interview magazine .

Apparently confident and his “talent”, it is with some pride that evokes its course. As for the future, there is absolutely no fear him


 © Carole Bethuel / Pallas Film

© Carole Bethuel / Pallas Film

” You would think that after a successful film, j ‘have the opportunity to do what I want … And you know what? That’s right! I can do absolutely anything I want! “Has she said anything particularly recognizing that it was an excellent actress, but she was not ashamed of this.

Stating that she had no need to fight for a role, she added that kills the little phrase “I can have any role in a snap, I’ve never had to beg.”

In closing She added that she was able to do everything and play everything, be it a blockbuster, an independent film or a commercial for Chanel … especially as she says all doors open to it.

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