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Sylvie Vartan, 70 years and still his talent – the New Republic

The iconic singer yéyé years successfully pursuing a career that began there more than fifty years.

C ‘ was a time that less than 60 years could not know, to paraphrase Aznavour (1) : in January and February 1964, Sylvie Vartan shared top billing at the Olympia Ave Trini Lopez and The Beatles. These were beginning to be known with their first two albums. The young French, barely twenty spring had already walked three times the famous Parisian stage and sang with co-star Johnny Hallyday at the legendary concert marking the first anniversary of Hi folks , Place de la Nation in June, 1963.

“We experienced extraordinary things”

Sylvie Vartan’s career began on the hubcaps in 1962 by a duo Frankie Jordan: The Out of gas had enough card for the singer in the wake sign a contract with Filipacchi. The following year, after the first 45 laps solo, she made the first part of a young rocker who promises, Johnny Hallyday. With him she recorded in 1963 in Nashville, Tennessee, an album with two songs that will propel topped the charts: The best to dance and If I sings , a cover of My Whole World Is Falling Down , sung by Brenda Lee. As for Johnny, the big media love. The couple will marry in 1965, a few months before the birth of a little David who has grown (2) . “We have experienced extraordinary things, recently she confided in Nice Matin . It was the Roaring Twenties in every way! “ And punctuated by bad luck. In 1968, she survived a first car accident, but not the godmother of David. Two years later, the car Johnny misses a turn and the beautiful Sylvie is disfigured: multiple surgeries in the United States will make him a pardon. And swing it is enjoying his stay overseas to take dance classes. His comeback in 1972 will be “American” and will remain close to twenty years, with shows under the floodlights at the pace of its new musical success: the very franchouillard What makes the angels blondes , Love is like a cigarette , You did not understand
His success has crossed the border early . Sylvie Vartan knows how to sell abroad, singing in nine languages, including Bulgarian, the language of the country where she was born on August 15, 1944, a Bulgarian father of Armenian descent and a mother of Hungarian origin . This year, it happened in Sofia, after Japan. And these are not 70 years today will put an end to his long career. Sylvie Vartan, who go up on stage at the Olympia in April, is preparing his 44 th French album, not counting public records. After Sylvie in Nashville in 2013, it will record again in Tennessee. “I love this American color, she said in July. The musicians have a special cachet. This is my moment direction. “ As she was already singing in 1976 (3) , ” I forgot my age “.

( 1) In “La Boheme.” (2) David Hallyday, 47, is back with a new band, Mission Control. (3) “What makes you cry blondes? “


The years yéyé Bercy

If Sylvie Vartan will not go back on stage before the Olympia in April 2015, Bercy will be reopened this fall after several months of work with three legends of yéyés: Johnny Hallyday, Eddy Mitchell and Jacques Dutronc. From November 5 to 9, the three accomplices will get together for the first time in their long careers, under the name of “Old Scoundrels,” a nod to Gainsbourg. They announced to take to model the “Rat Pack” formed in the fifties by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.


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