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Sylvie Vartan, “the schoolgirl twist” eternal spring turns 70 – Francetv info

“I think I’m an old soul,” confided one day that pretty blonde, French and Bulgarian. “Since the age of six years, I feel I have 60 At 20, I already had all got it in life.” And now 70 years old, she still has energy to spare, with a new album planned for the beginning of the year and 14th show in April at Olympia, the legendary venue that saw her become featured the era of the “yeye”. It will also be on display in the fall, in a film by Tonie Marshall, “You want or you do not want,” shot with Patrick Bruel and Sophie Marceau.
Girl of Iskretz, Bulgaria

Sylvie Vartan was born August 15, 1944, seven years after his brother and future mentor Eddie at Iskretz near Sofia. His father was press attaché at the Embassy of France. She is six years old when a friend of her parents turned into a movie. She was eight when his family moved to Paris in the hope of a better life. A tear she will never forget, even if it is waiting for the end of communism to return to his homeland in 1990 with her second husband, the American producer Tony Scotti married in 1984, adopted in 1998 a small Bulgarian Darina .

With the Beatles at the Olympia in 1964 …

In Paris, where the Vartan family arrives December 24, 1952, the beginnings are difficult. They live four to a hotel room for five years. Sylvie learns French, attends his first surprise parties. The family moved, Eddie sympathize with the neighbor Frank Ténot (“Hi folks”). One day, Eddie Vartan is skipping school to his sister to record “Out of gas” (1961) with Frankie Jordan.Sylvie Vartan signed with RCA, singing right away to Olympia where the Beatles join her in 1964. his deep voice, she sang “When the film is sad” (1961) and “The Locomotion” (1962) and especially “The most beautiful to dance” (1964), composed by Charles Aznavour.

… and pants on television in 1965

Success, “I fell into a violent, brutal way, as a teenager,” she says. But “singing, making records, everyone can do it. Go on stage, that’s another story.” She works tirelessly and becomes “an exceptional woman show,” in the words of the Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand who made a Commander of Arts and Letters on December 14, 2011 It is needed in this tough job, “especially for women “according to the singer who suffers a storm of criticism in 1965 when she was the first to sing pants on television. She did not locked up in the legend of his tumultuous love affair with Johnny Hallyday, with which it forms the star of the famous concert Nation torque June 22, 1963 in Paris. They were married April 12, 1965, have a son, David, born August 14, 1966, divorced in 1980.

those years, Sylvie sings “Like a Boy” (1967) or “Qu is it that makes tears blondes? ” (1976), but also a duet with Johnny, “I have a problem” (1973). In 1968, she survived a car accident in which her childhood friend is killed. Two years later, another accident forced him to stay six months in the United States to find his face. She took the opportunity to take dance lessons and learn the shows “American.”

Over fifty year career

Based in Los Angeles after remarriage, she regularly found its audience in France where she gained the status of a great lady of song. The singer of “Love is like a cigarette” (1981) published his memories in “If I sing” (1981) and “Between Shadow and Light” (2004). She celebrated her fifty-year career in November 2011 in Paris with the Orchestre symphonique de Bulgaria.


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