Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hercules mythology for dummies – Le Figaro

Director Rush Hour addresses the Greek legend. The result? A bloody epic that is not in the lace.

Five months after the release of The legend of Hercules , in which the young Kellan Lutz wore sandals of the Greek hero, Hercules already experiencing a second life on the big screen. Admittedly, the peplum is back in fashion, from the 300 Zach Snyder, released in 2006, and its prequel, 300: The Birth of an Empire Noam Murro. Away from the tank and the beautiful Cleopatra, the new Greek fight over thundering music, in fights that end in blood, and their bulging muscles shine in an aesthetic photography.

Like 300 , Hercules Brett Ratner ( Rush Hour , X-Men: The Last Stand ) is based on a comic book published by Steve Moore in 2008. it would also, according to his friend Alan Moore (author of Watchmen ) hit no rights to the adaptation. These are not the famous works that narrate the film by Brett Ratner, but the life of the legend after his exploits. Became head of a group of mercenary, Hercules fights for money and is haunted by the murder of his wife and children. When the rightful king of the kingdom of Thrace promises its weight in gold if it helps to recover his throne, Hercules accepts without question.

The scenario is not without interest: the new Hercules questions constantly myth. Is it truly the son of Zeus? Is there a god or a man? The body of Dwayne Johnson, his muscles and give him blankly that air of being both over men and human stupidly. When you see The Rock , tied to his chains, screaming “I’m Hercules!” Epidermal side of his interpretation works paradox. By Hercules a being more human than divine, Ratner is the opportunity to try to make strikes a chord of his character and tries to do his maelstrom a tale about friendship, loyalty and the fragility of human emotions .

But what could have been an interesting development in perspective of a legend, is marred by the compulsive need to make the director of entertainment, and the humor two sesterces. The dialogues seem to be a sloppy way to bridge the gap between two bloody battle scenes, and the production and assembly are conspicuous by their absence. Joints are missing that all ambitions Retner meet, and his schoolboy humor often falls flat. Rest tragic situations, which in turn make you laugh. But it was not perhaps the desired effect.


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