Sunday, August 17, 2014

Death of the singer Pierre Vassiliu [VIDEO] – Stars News






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 © Johnny Williams Sound

© Johnny Williams Sound

Already far too long, the list of artists who have left the center stage during this summer of 2014 is growing a little more with the death of the singer Sunday, August 17 French Pierre Vassiliu. According to his daughter, he died “in his sleep” in a medical facility in Sète at the age of 76.

After meeting with Roger Pierre and Jean-Marc Thibault, the former jockey and riding instructor will make his first artist in famous Parisian cabarets not singing his own songs but also those of George Brassens.

What if several of his albums have enjoyed great popular success, it’s very likely his hit “Who’s that? “To be the most significant development in French. This is also his biggest success as

On the official website of singer performer., We learn that this title was originally was scheduled for a B-side.

Pierre Vassiliu also wrote for others.

We think of Dani Duteil, Regine and even Eddy Mitchell.

He was suffering from Parkinson’s disease since 2006.



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