Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Three Brothers, it’s over! – She

After successfully subdued the “Three Brothers: The Return”, released earlier this year, Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus decided that the story of three brothers separated at birth and reunited at the death of their mother was to end. It is through a Facebook message that Pascal Légitimus spoke today.

Critics have hurt

The comedian was first asked fans moderate their language: “We would like less aggression and vulgarity in your comments, as we can not please everyone. “Indeed, at the exit of the” Three Brothers: The Return “, the sequel to 1995 cult film” The Three Brothers “, critics, fans and professionals of the cinema, had been particularly harsh, considering in particular the Film disappointing compared to the first part. Others were suspected of having the Unknowns are combined and for financial matters. With the DVD release of the film this month, comments surly rebounded peak, which visibly annoyed our three comedians.

The Unknown announce their retirement in hints

Pascal Légitimus is clear about the fate of the three characters in the film: “The film is done, the circle is complete, the Three Brothers will be destroyed,” he said. However, in terms of the Nameless, their future is uncertain. No formal separation, but no clear plan for the future. “It does not take much to make retirement awaits us”, explained the actor. “The Unknown you have done good for 35 years,” a formula that leaves imply that the trio Gone …


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