Thursday, August 14, 2014

Locarno honors Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall – Le Figaro

Swiss festival has changed its program after the deaths of two American players earlier this week.

Festival Locarno, which is taking place in Switzerland, paid tribute to the two Hollywood figures missing this week. So this Friday, festival-goers can rediscover the Piazza Grande, Lauren Bacall in one of his greatest roles, that of Vivian Sternwood The Big Sleep Howard Hawks. In addition to this projection tribute, the festival has published on its website a text in which the organizers recall the iconic status of the actress and her importance in the history of Hollywood.

Robin Williams has also been the subject of tributes. A press release noted the richness of his career, inviting moviegoers to rediscover the little known nuggets of his career. Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian festival took advantage of Tuesday’s ceremony to remember the ability of Williams to laugh and cry. Words that have been accompanied by a round of applause at the Piazza Grande. Actors Jason Schwartzman and Jonathan Pryce came to Locarno film Listen up Philip have both shared their memories of a childhood rocked by the films of Robin Williams. A melancholy air floated on the festival.


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