Thursday, August 14, 2014

The look of Lauren Bacall died: the star died yesterday at … – La Voix du Nord

And already it imposes, to deserve one of the Harper’s Bazaar . A replica of this brazen enough to make its mark, tinged with insolence and eroticism: “ If you need me, you just have to whistle .” Just Whistle , in the original. Voice hoarse. Metallic blue eyes. Ice irony. Sovereign impertinence. As soon as the sentence pronounced, everyone liquefies and Bogart first.

The Queen Bacall

Seventy years or so later, Lauren Bacall , one of the last true Hollywood stars, has gone on the eve of his 90th birthday.

There was Garbo called divine. There Bacall said The Look (the look). The granddaughter of Jewish immigrants Polish-Romanian, landed at Ellis Island as the Weinstein-Bacal, enters the story.

Four films enough to this great rave cheekbones to forge its legend. A first, the one cited above, according to Hemingway, directed by Howard Hawks, one of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers. A second, The Big Sleep , two years later, after a spate of Raymond Chandler. Again with Humphrey Bogart. The Dark Passage (from a polar David Goodis) and Key Largo , still with Bogart, round off the legend and needed an actress who refuses to label femme fatale. Seduce the man certainly, but not reduce it to its thank you. Instead, cavaler his side on the same adventurous terrain, become his full partner into fighting against the minions of Senator McCarthy claims. A role she will be happy in life with Bogey she is the wife of 21 May 1945 to 14 January 1957, until the death of the actor, riddled with cancer.

Four classic noir genre of the sixty feature films it is running. Melodramas, adventure films, comedies sophisticated under the direction of the most prestigious filmmakers of the time: John Huston, Michael Curtiz, Vincente Minnelli, Douglas Sirk, William Wellman …

The aura Bacall

The Sixties see it walk the plank Broadway gets caught, like many of his peers that his model Bette Davis, for television sets. From her, beyond the emotion it arouses in any teenager that still lies dormant, it should retain a game while sobriety and restraint, a kind of staggering modern face of pleurnicheuses and roucouleuses the time. Others keep memories of the fierce Democrat. A woman with very oriented views, according to Sidney Lumet who directed Murder on the Orient Expres s.

dare even say that the divine appearance of this girl tailor foot pool surrounded impeccably among the finest offerings in cinema. “ She has class. That’s what she, real class ! “Dixit Bogart. A man of taste, for sure!



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