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“A War” won the support of the Club 300! – Screenrush

The club 300 Screenrush discovered Tobias Lindholm film premiere. Their verdict.

What is it about?
Claus Michael Pedersen, Danish company commander is determined in its fight to change the world and lead his troops, while persuading, he and his men, that the game is worth the candle. But in Denmark, the war takes a different face: Maria Claus’s wife, struggles to raise their three children growing up without their father. During a battle against the Taliban, a patrol turns very badly: a young soldier was seriously wounded and instinctively Claus takes the decision to bomb the area to allow the arrival of a rescue helicopter. The mission is successful. The young soldier survived. But Claus does not suspect that his decision in a split second will impact the rest of his life: the bodies of 11 women and Afghan children were found under the ruins. Claus is arrested and accused of war crimes. He goes home, not wreathed in glory, but to face military justice and to fight for its integrity and that of his family.
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it comes out when?
June 1, 2016

What does the Club 300 Screenrush?
voting results: Excellent: 28% / Good: 41% / Not bad: 21% / Not for me 10%

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Open Critical – aldanjah
I enjoyed this Danish film that gives us a human vision of the war in Afghanistan
in this. history, war is a situation where no one wins, everyone is a victim of a situation that exceeds it and he wants to escape.
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Freak Geek in – hoh
Tobias Lindholm has again appealed to Pilou Asbæk to embody the military Claus Michael Pedersen actor. was already headlining R & Hijacking and began an international career with roles in “Lucy” by Luc Besson and soon in the adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell.”
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Publikart – Sebastien M.
With “A War” director Tobias Lindholm filming the war in its most implacable cruelty. The Danish soldiers sent to Afghanistan patrol without knowing why and worried at first to survive. The facts are overwhelming. No good or bad in this absurd conflict, just victims. Pilou Asbæk performs Chief memorable performance section overwhelmed. A bitter and breathless film.
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Claire screens – This
Jacques Fayau Danish film is a “complete” war movie, very strong emotions and nuanced moral level.
the actors are all excellent, even non-professionals, they never do too.
we immersive staging takes guts. It is also important to note a remarkable job in sound. we understand that it has been chosen to represent Denmark at the Oscars.
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The Mirror Blue – Wilyrah
The pathos adroitly avoided by the sobriety of plans and the accuracy of the actors, Lindholm’s intentions appear to us in all their luminous humanity measure the consequences of a very large and complex armed conflict in the very intimate and no less complex family system. Between macrocosm and microcosm, the rigorous composition is needed, overwhelming.
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the girl in the com
It moves away from the very Manichean cinema seen ordinary. The film takes the time to get into the heads of the characters. And that’s the Danish film, it is not over, we try to understand everything better vibrate before his film.
Lire criticism

Pulp Movies
The profiles are eclectic, roles are varied, we find shoe our feet in this panel of players rather very good, including children. and because most soldiers in the film are real soldiers who actually served in Afghanistan.
Lire criticism

“A war” which means “war” is a pretty strong film revealing that war plays beyond the field, and sometimes the most terrible battle is played elsewhere. And “A War” shows in over life military of his hero, the struggle of his wife to raise her children, one becomes difficult more in the absence of face paternal.
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In your
“a war” offers a true reflection on wartime morality and value of human lives besides leaving with intelligence the care the viewer to question itself.
Lire criticism

Lost in Universes – albail
An interesting reflection on the consequences of war in the world of today.
At the crossroads between war film and the process of film, Lindholm book a feature film a little bit stiff but never on the border between good and evil.
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