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ONPC “star in Africa,” pugnacious … Who is Vanessa Burggraf? – The Express

Laurent Ruquier had a crush on her. The facilitator of We are not lying Vanessa Burggraf chose to replace Lea Salame next season. “It is not as well known as others, but I like precisely to discover the people,” he says to the Paris on Monday. This is the last summer that the journalist, 44, presenter on France 24, caught the eye of the producer. On holiday in Italy, he is impressed, he recalls, by its ability to “lead the debate”, in full Greek crisis. “I found both very beautiful, but also very political, very gifted,” insists he still in love.

Laurent Ruquier hastens immediately to congratulate her on Twitter. “I think you’re great,” he wrote in July.

The debate is precisely the strength of Vanessa Burggraf. France 24, she leads the slice 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., including a 50 minute debate. They are three, sometimes four guests, which follow every day on her tray. “Vanessa? It’s the Rolls France 24! Master the breaking news and follow up on the animation of a sensitive debate live as it does, it’s really hard,” he saluted a year ago, in the pages of World , the director of the chain, Marc Saikali.

But Vanessa Burggraf, large fond of traveling, many other strengths, including its control of international news. Because before joining France 24 to its creation in 2006, this mother was a native of Mulhouse See presenter and newspapers of the day on TV5 Monde. The birth of his two daughters did not stop in his travels around the world. “I take them everywhere, deep into Africa, a continent that fascinates me,” she says in World . In terms of economic news, Vanessa Burggraf is no slouch either. She has worked on the American chain Bloomberg, based in London, when she was 28 years old.

A close Leah Salame

If it says “delighted” to join the talk show Saturday night in France 2 Ruquier alongside Laurent and Yann Moix, Vanessa Burggraf recognizes that “a big job” will be necessary. In this new challenge, it can count on its predecessor, yet great friend, Leah Salameh. Which leaves his seat columnist to animate, in September, the new cultural magazine of the string Amazing and a new political program alongside David Pujadas.

STORIES & gt; & gt; France 2: Leah Salame, winner of the grid of the season

The two women meet in 2006 in France where 24 very quickly, they become friends. In Le Parisien , the host of ONPC ironic about the differences between the two journalists. “Vanessa is very Hitchcockian, with a very serious side It’s a little Unlike Lea physically, and also in the way it works. ” At France 24, they are so close that they end up making a promise, as reported by Roselyne Febvre, another journalist of the chain, Paris Match : “where the majority of babes make dirty tricks, we had made a pact at the Plaza Athénée in shots caipirinha: never betray always help each other. ”

“Vanessa has always favored what she loved to do rather than light,” insists Roselyne Febvre, contacted by L’Express. According to his future ex-colleague, Vanessa Burggraf, which is “a star in Africa”, “does unfazed by anyone.” “Behind her blond hair, there is an inner strength”, she continues.

“With this job, I am paid to learn, travel”

Vanessa Burggraf is also very loyal. It retains a deep respect for those who did start on television: Catherine Ceylac. At the time, the presenter of the program tea or coffee, on France 2, a research assistant and gives a chance to the young woman, then aged 25 years. “She set foot in the stirrup, taught me a lot. And a great friendship was born between us,” said Vanessa Burggraf.

Holder of a DEA letters and a postgraduate degree in political science, after hypokhâgne, khâgne, Vanessa Burggraf long hesitated between the journalist and the teacher, but finally chose the first: “I wanted to convey with this job, I am paid to learn, to travel, meet people, and transmit this luxury…”


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