Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Gossip Cannes, Episode 5: a flirty actor Marion Cotillard in a top and sneakers actress – TF1

What happened on the Croisette today? Look, evening, unusual, tweets, statements, photos … Every day during the Cannes Film Festival, MYTF1News you to discover the five highlights of the day people side. During the fifth day Marion Cotillard has become the must-woman Festival, while Russell Crowe was rather flirty at a press conference.

Quote of the Day
“You should not remain on the radio, you have a beautiful face, you should do television.” Signed: Russell Crowe. Upon release for the film The Nice Guys conference Shane Black, out of competition, the New Zealand actor has somewhat let go. And made his heart speak … While a reporter assistance was asked a question, the actor was cut off, put his hand over his eyes to better see and complimented the woman on her physical . A few seconds of confusion followed, which did not seem to disrupt the actor who then answered the original question.

Holding the day
Who said on the red carpet in Cannes it was imperative to wear heels 12cm minimum? Actress Chloe Levine, came to attend the screening of American Honey , has decreed that the stilts on the Festival marches was outdated. And so it is red tennis that the young woman walked the red carpet …. fashion gesture or taking anti heels position? Anyway actress, competing in the Un Certain Regard with the film The Transfiguration fully assumed its colorful look and cool!
Chloe Levine at  the projection of American Honey May 15, 2016 in  Cannes

The woman of the day It was the
one of the most anticipated of this fortnight personalities. This Sunday, Marion Cotillard finally walked the Cannes red carpet for one of his two films in competition: Mal Stone by Nicole Garcia. Both during the photocall during the red carpet, the French dazzled the Festival. She was wearing a black outfit 100% jeans or a golden evening gown an absolute chic, the actress has once again shown that the Croisette was his playing field. It is now six Marion Cotillard consecutive years that crowd the red carpet in Cannes to defend one or two films in the official selection. In a few days she will also present Just The End of the World , Xavier Dolan.
Marion Cotillard at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival  May 15 copy

The unusual beauty of the day

Aishwarya Rai seems to take his role as muse very beauty serious. For the red carpet and screening of Mal Stone Nicole Garcia, the actress opted for a purple lipstick that does not go unnoticed. No, it was not a plum purple or any dark shade relatively common on the red carpet, but a red to purple lips like lavender. Never seen in Cannes. It was daring!


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