Monday, May 16, 2016

Jarmusch, Nichols, Almodovar: love and simplicity – France Info

Quote of the day is “less is more” but it sounds better in English:

<"less is more." h3> Jim Jarmusch in subtle poet

in Praise of minimalism on the 6th day of the competition, make it simple is the most complicated said Miles Davis, Jim Jarmusch, 63, twelve films to counter many of which become cult, made an offering to Cannes. “Paterson” is a simple film about simple people, a small cinema gem and a life lesson

Paterson is a small town of New Jersey in the US, where an average being, Paterson, led bus, writes poetry and loves, simply, Laura. The duo Adam Driver – Golshifteh Farahani made the banality of the past, of the ephemeral, of everyday life, a work of art, helped by Marvin, a humorous bulldog. Jim Jarmusch is in the blueprint, his film is going to a Monday to a Sunday, the duo works well, it is taciturn, she voluble. He treated his supporting roles, his unpredictable humor, serving a poetry that is good and has touched many Golshifteh Farahani.

“Jim sees things differently. the way he looks at the world is very refined. it is very sensitive, it does not need too much, he needs less. in film, it adds 3D technology it … it removes and simplicity, it has a special thing and it’s beautiful “

Loving.. without historical epic melodrama

Jeff Nichols has not only able to move in the same register, but in addition, he left with a disability. “Loving” is a historical film, which highlights the tragic fate by Richard and Mildred Loving, mixed couple of 50s in Virginia. It is white, it mestizo, black and Indian. Their only crime: to love and getting married in a neighboring state. Between 1958 and 1967, when the Supreme Court ordered the State of Virginia, as racist at the time that the Southern states, they will suffer, without complaint, a little known episode of racial segregation. Arrested, banned from home, they brought the battle to court is because the civil rights movement has made their case a symbol, never this magnificent pair were militant, they loved each other, that’s all.

movies on this theme it y have been dozens and the trap was to fall into the pathos of historical fund. But Jeff Nichols has made modesty artistic weapon, Joel Edgerton who plays Richard Loving game gives a lesson while detained at his side Ruth Negga, Richard’s wife radiates beauty fair. Jeff Nichols wanted to be up to the destiny of this couple.

“This is my style, you know, these historical events such emotional power it could fall into melodrama but I do not think it would have been representative of what these people. All people have told me they have never polemicised, they loved each other deeply. what for a director is complete, because there is no conflict. “

and poetry in France

a week of criticism, Jean-Christophe Meurisse signs his first feature film. The director of the theater company “dog Navarre” present “apnea” a cinematic object that falls between “Jules and Jim”, Godard, Bertrand Blier, giving nods to Fellini and Pasolini, while assuming a schoolboy hand not always tasteful but extremely funny. A childish and poetic trio defies contemporary France, will cause trouble in the established order, is invited in a family as if they were children and lands in a training camp for job interviews.


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