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See all the winners of the 69th Cannes Film Festival

- Palme d'or short Metage: Timecode , Juanjo Giménez

- golden Camera: Divine, Houda Benyamina

- gold Award of honor: Jean-Pierre Léaud

- Best Actor: Shahab Hosseini, for Customer Asghar Farhadi

- Best Actress: Jaclyn Jose, for Ma'Rosa Brillante Mendoza

- jury Prize: American Honey , Andrea Arnold

- screenplay: Asghar Fahradi for Customer

- Price of the staging: tie for Bachelor Cristian Mungiu and Personnal Shopper Olivier Assayas

- Grand jury Prize: Just the end of the world Xavier Dolan

- golden Palm: I, Daniel Blake , Ken Loach

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on the under-representation of actresses and directors in charts

"Without going into detail, each film was judged on its qualities. We have not given thought to its terms. But I agree with you, there are a lot of great actresses in this selection, "said George Miller

Valeria Golino." Even the movies that I liked least were performances that have brought me much things. "

Donald Sutherland defends the price of Jaclyn Jose" who has split her heart, it's a true star. We had to make a decision, we can not give an acting award at a film selected for something else. "For Mads Mikkelsen, the winner" was wonderful. "

" We have had extensive discussions and we have given the innovative side, full of a film or the quality of its implementation, "said George Miller." Our discussions were emotionally exhausting but it was very nice. "" We were faced with a puzzle "describes Donald Sutherland, "our discussions, the other jurors will miss me."

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" A film photography "

"Each jury member has taught me something different, we have a lot of movies illustrating the possible different world of cinema. This is a photograph of the 2016 movie "summarizes Arnaud Desplechin.

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the jury mentioned the fiasco" Toni Erdmann "

George Miller defends oblivion Toni Erdmann : "We had only eight awards to 21 films. We worked with vigor and rigor. Nothing has stayed out of the discussion. We wanted to decide by ourselves and we have not listened to the press. "(Who had extolled the German film)

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George Miller welcomes "intelligence debates"

George Miller welcomes the "intelligence" of the discussions in the jury which was also influenced by "the fear and beauty. "

Her sister Valeria Golino remembers moments" tiring and memorable. "

Kirsten Dunst welcomes the listening and respect of different Member who made this" very emotional experience " .

Vanessa Paradis says, "learned a lot"

Mads Mikkelsen concurs with its partners.. "We all worked honestly but it was not bloody"

Donald Sutherland praised him as the "fabulous and friendly mutual respect. Each of us is proud of the jury, we would meet all our lives. "

Arnaud Desplechin felt" like to return to school, to his delight. "

at 21:20

" We liked from the beginning "Just the end of the world" "

Laszlo Nemes welcomes about her quality and image resolution of Just the end of the world by Xavier Dolan. "We loved this film. From the beginning, we heard the distinctive voice of Xavier Dolan. I am glad that there are filmmakers who follow their own path. "

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for Donald Sutherland," I, Daniel Blake "was" simply brilliant "

does the opulence of Cannes destabilized the jury would have been required to look differently I, Daniel Blake

No, Donald Sutherland says, "the work of Ken Loach was simply brilliant"

at 21:15

The conference the jury will start

Donald Sutherland has covered his head with a shawl for warmth.

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Ken Loach " still in shock "

" it was a total surprise, "said the king of the evening Ken Loach," We did not expect to return . We were back to our normal life. I'm still in shock. "

"It's very important to thank the French who have such a passion for film that manages to make our films."

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Xavier Dolan:" I am almost always moved "

" There is nothing equivalent to be recognized by his peers, nothing can match this happiness, "insists the filmmaker Just the end of the world.
"I'm almost always moved."

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disappointment "Toni Erdmann "

the critically acclaimed, family film by German director Maren Ade is the loser of this edition. He left empty handed. An oversight that is hard to pass. For some, the jury still missed a great opportunity to reward a filmmaker.

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the call to change the world of Ken Loach

the winner of the 2016 Cannes edition continues in English with a committed speech against economic austerity and warns against the arrival of the extreme right to power.

"Receive the Palme is a bit strange because the characters that inspired this film are those that fared the poorest fifth of the world power what the England. the film sustains the imagination but we present the world we live in. the world is in a dangerous situation. It is guided by neo-liberal ideas that can lead us to disaster. They dragged in the misery of millions of people from Greece to Portugal. Cinema has a tradition of protest, the people against the powerful, I hope that this tradition will continue. We are approaching a period of despair. This brings the extreme right, we must bring hope. Another world is possible. It is possible and necessary essential live-Post no-live-icons "id =" 737948 "data-date =" 2016-05-22T18 "


Palme d'or to" I, Daniel Blake "Ken Loach

the English director is standing ovation. With this award, he became the club of directors twice webbed. he was rewarded in the years 2006 to the Wind that Shakes .

"Thanks to all the team of the film, producer, screenwriter, cameramen and direction of the festival. Thank you for all your work on the Festival, c ' thanks to you that the experience is so beautiful. thanks to the jury, you are so nice. Cannes is important for the future of cinema, "said the filmmaker in french.

at 8:22 p.m.

Grand jury prize Xavier Dolan

the golden Palm still escapes once Quebecers. Will it launch in a speech river as formerly

The director of Just the end of the world stammers seems sniff, "thank you to my family that I hear myself much better than my protagonist. Thank you to the jury for having felt the emotion of the film. It is not always easy to share his emotions with others. I hope I pa & amp; s have disappointed the author of the play Jean Luc Lagarce. "Everything we do in life is to be loved. I yes!", Saluting he adds, are actors, "I now understand who I am, your love to me suggests it takes make movies that look like me. the emotion always reaches its destination, "said Xavier Dolan, forced to stop citing his costume designer who died" without having seen the film. " And conclude with Anatole France: "I prefer the folly of the passions to the wisdom of indifference." Just the end of the world sharply divided critics and seemed to target the filmmaker who almost won the Palme d'Or for the longest speech.

at 8:17 p.m.

Price of setting tied scene in "Bachelor" and "Personal Shopper"

The French director of Personal Shopper thanks "Cannes that has given him so much and is proud to share his prize with Cristian Mungiu."
"The staging is invented collectively", he concluded.

His co-winner, Romanian director Mungiu Critian thanked "his team and his players, his family who have guided his life."
continued: "Two words on auteur cinema that is not going very well and that belongs to a niche It continues to exist thanks to Cannes but it is a big responsibility.".
The filmmaker had already won the Golden Palm for 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days in 2007.

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screenplay at Asghar Farhadi

This is the second of the evening prices for Customer

"I must say I expected it at all because we had to have a price," said Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, surprised as the audience.

"my films are not known to be happy so I'm happy that they could bring joy to some of my people."

"When we worked on this film, we visited a movie theater for calibration. We had to wait, I was invited to watch Mad Max, that I took as a good sign, "he said in a nod to jury chairman George Miller.

"I thank my parents and my mother and I have a thought for my sound engineer who died during filming."

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Actress Jaclyn Jose Price for "Ma'Rosa"

Moved, the winner raises with it its director Brillante Mendoza. In tears, she said, "extremely surprised".
"I just go up the steps with my daughter. Thanks to Cannes. I am delighted that this film you no more. I just followed the instructions Brilliant. Thank you, you're a genius director".
"Help me, I would like to greet all Filipinos, thank you to my country, thank you Mr. Chairman and thank you to the jury." George Miller seems very touched by these acknowledgments

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jury Prize for" American Honey "Andrea Arnorld

"When I'm happy, I want to dance. Just a few hours, I was taking my tea. Thank you to Cannes, it's great to be back here. This film required a lot of effort, this award belongs to all my team "loose, concise, the award-winning director to Fish Tank in 2009 with the same price

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Best Actor for Shahab Hosseini for " the Client "

the room fervently welcomes the victory of the hero of the Client , Asghar Farhadi.

"I thank God for giving me the opportunity to attend this event. I know my father, of Paradise, sharing the evening with me. I rest in peace thank the jury and Asghar who gave me confidence again, I thank my partner for all the energy she gave me. I owe this award to my people. with all my love I makes him "said the Iranian actor

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From the beginnings ... already slow

at 19:50

Jean-Pierre Léaud receives his badge of honor

the favorite actor François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard is rewarded for his entire career. Arnaud Desplechin leads the tribute. "Léaud has dedicated his life to cinema, I do not know any more fragile actor Male / female, true / false, you play as a wire Your fantasy has changed my life, you. have returned to the place. Without you I would have been so alone, "the director of Three memories of my youth to the atmosphere very" truffautienne "

"I was born in Cannes in 1959 with the screening of Four hundred stripes , says Jean-Pierre Léaud, this year I am again at Cannes with Louis XIV's death . I never wanted to build a career, but I shot with directors that I thought: ".

" Olivier Assayas, Jacques Rivette today .. I feel the same profound joy that there 58 years when Francis handed me the script of Four hundred stripes . Being instead of Woody Allen, I do not believe it. Thank you to Thierry Fremaux, thank you to Cannes "

Ibrahim Maalouf continues the musical tribute ... The muscicien reinterprets the Pulp Fiction theme for the delight of the room dancing (the jurors, Donald Sutherland applauds) pui the LEJ trio takes over

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at 7:43 p.m.

George Miller hails "quality selection"

in a brief word of introduction, jury chairman, Australian filmmaker behind the saga Mad Max greets a "nice selection and experience, even if it was exhausting"

"The deliberations were wild, beautiful and passionate You will soon see what it will give."

We can not wait.

at 19:35

golden Camera Award for "Divine"

the Camera golden welcomes first work the jury wishes to emphasize "the high level of the selection. kinds of movie and animation. If the world goes wrong, cinema is alive. We are very happy to have chosen a director committed ". The winner is divine , the first feature film of the Franco-Moroccan filmmaker Houda Benyamina, who went on stage under a thunderous applause.

"I keep telling my producer that I did not care about Cannes but now I'm happy. Cannes is one, Cannes we belong! "exclaimed the director once on the podium.

" for things to change, we need more women in selection committees "has launched yet Houda Benyamina, which calls for more great place for women to the Croisette.

"We must redefine the role of the writer in the French cinema," she said, thanking, very kind, "his script for" phew "" and his sister who played in Divine . "I did not take it. I was even harder with her. They called me the dragon on the set, I said we had no right to be tired."
He concluded with a thought for her husband and son who shall be entitled to its 3D pen. Tonic speech dragged on, Laurent Lafitte invited to complete

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Award for best short film to " Timecode "Juanjo Gimenez

the remitting cites the prestigious winners of this award, as Jane Campion or Emmanuelle Bercot." I have quoted that women " insists Marina Fois, referring to stubbornly male palmares of Cannes in terms of the best directors

The winner Spaniard Juanjo Gimenez for Timecode . "I do not think the competition for films but this award is exciting. Thanks to the jury and the festival, I felt like a filmmaker." He dedicated his award to his only countryman who received the Palme d'Or, Luis Bunuel.

A special mention was given to the Brazilian The girl dancing with the devil .


homage to the master of ceremony cinema

"Forgive me, I had underestimated the number of steps to climb "fun master of ceremonies. "You too, you had to the effort to climb the steps. But no matter, provided it is drunk (sic). Short and feature films have an end, even Groundhog Day . We need the postman rings twice that Rose cowardly Jack's hand and that all families gather to make life beautiful. " The master of ceremonies multiplies the winks to cinema

at 19:22

The closing ceremony began

Laurent Laffite launched the closing ceremony with a skit that parodies several films including Nosferatu, West Side Story . Lighter in hand, the actor goes up and down stairs all over the ...

at 19:16

Everyone entered the Palace, the closing ceremony will start

at 19:11

A jury of all records?

at 19:09

The jury had "heated discussions "

Mads Mikkelsen, jury member, evokes "heated discussions, challenging and lots of love." "I hope you will be happy." Same story with his colleague Laszlo . Nemes the jury president George Miller talks about her exchange "rigorous and brilliant"

at 7:04 p.m.

Ken Loach, back for the closing night

the director I, Daniel Blake is also present on the red carpet. "I am delighted to be here, I'm a little surprised but it's great," says one who has already won a Golden Palm in 2006 for The wind rises .
"It is ironic glamor of here while it is difficult for people who have helped us make the film"

at 19:03

Mel Gibson will present the golden Palm

at 19:01

Search "Toni Erdmann" desperately ...


Cristian Mungiu is now

Nine years after his consecration in Cannes louse r 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, Romanian director is accompanied by his heroine Bachelor . the filmmaker says he is very happy "to be in competition." "the reception that gave us the room was awesome," he says quickly before having to climb the stairs.

at 18:48

Asghar Farhadi is also the rise of the steps

"the applause for Customer have affected me, I ' was afraid goers are tired because it was the last day, "said the Iranian director, also said his next project will be conducted with Pedro Almodovar.
His whole cast is at his side.

at 18:44

moved Dolan," the reception of the press made us believe that s' wrong "

The Quebec filmmaker signing autographs ..." I am always moved. The reception of the press made us believe we were wrong but emotions have proved us right. "According to the latest rumors, he is tipped for" a major prize ".

at 18:42

Brillante Mendoza crowd the red carpet

The Filipino filmmaker nominated for Ma'Rosa was surrounded by actresses. What confirm the rumors of his presence in the charts. The director films in near real time the night nightmare of a grocer who supplements her income by selling drugs

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at 18:39

"The jury is in great shape," said Thierry Fremaux LikeTweet

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