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CANNES. “Personal Shopper”: Kristen Stewart, Louboutin and poltergeists – The Obs

Desire understandable, Olivier Assayas working again with Kristen Stewart after “Sils Maria”, where the young actress was wonderful, led him to realize a fully spoken English film, although essentially it is located in France. Here Kristen Stewart in the role of Maureen, who runs luxury boutique salon of fashion designer to find the clothes and accessories that will Kyra, the “celebrity” that employs them.

Is to say that Maureen is a fashion victim ? Nay, she dresses as discreetly in the world, a little boy missed trend, rides his scooter and does not hide that its activity has no other interest in his eyes that enable it to pay the rent (and the Film align brands quotes).

It is that Maureen has something else in mind. What? It is not known well. Ah yes, it is also medium. Like his twin brother, who died some time ago, at age 27, the same heart defect that afflicts too. So she waits for the spirit of the deceased appears to her as the one and the other they were promised.

And very soon, in fact, spirits arise, and they look beautiful, soft masses the best effect, with beautiful beautifully mounted camera movements have created the suitable atmosphere for the appearance. Later, concerning experience, Maureen will this sentence, it will drop as if she was telling a episode of reality show: “And the spirit spat his ectoplasm and he left.”

Dresses and SMS

the film, he has trouble spitting his ectoplasm: he summons the memory of Hilma Af Klint, a pioneer of abstract art, we do not know exactly why and that of Victor Hugo and his séances to Jersey, offering to Benjamin Biolay personifying the writer in a fake TV movie of the 60s saw on the Internet by Maureen. When she is not on the Internet, Maureen textote and text messages appear on the screen, and that’s natural, since we were reminded that the walrus was invented two years after the revelation (?) the existence of poltergeists and there was also shorthand, finally here, what.

Only to settle people in front of a movie screen to give them to read SMS, is push the envelope a bit far. Especially as it lasts, especially all the time of a round trip to London, endless exchange with a stranger leads Maureen where he intends it to go and the incentive to defy the ban is done to him try the dresses Kyra. So she brave, and that the disorder so that it enjoys, evidence (perhaps!) She does not hate it that much, finally, to EUR 2,000 bags, belts and jewelry to 500 it does not even tell you.


As well we think, the unknown textoteur stroked a black design and blood flow soon. Output police claws, without too much trouble, Maureen except relax in Oman, where her boyfriend is waiting. Why Oman? Because remember some poets and writers, or because it’s nice to go and film there? Again, we do not know well, but why not both? The spirits agree, who follow them too.

The film stops there, and it’s not a shame. In the rich career of Olivier Assayas, it probably count as a shot to nothing. There have been others before, who carried the same will to appear furiously in his time. Of modernity, “Personal Shopper” displays tinsel, not without complacency, and had the pleasure of contemplating Miss Stewart, which however seems less here in his element than Woody Allen, to the point that his game seems a bit mannered, well, you get bored farm.

Pascal Mérigeau

“Personal Shopper”, Olivier Assayas, starring Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger (1:45).


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