Saturday, May 28, 2016

Etienne Huver Albert-Londres prize to a from Nancy – Le Républicain Lorrain

from Nancy Etienne Huver received yesterday the Albert Londres prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the profession of journalism.

This distinction crowns an atypical early career started at RTL Nancy with Jean-Michel Bezzina, one of the dinosaurs of the century. He is greeted by his peers for the Disappeared, a report co-directed with Sophie Nivelle-Cardinale where he deciphers the horror of torture under Bashar Assad. “I had worked in Kurdistan, Sophie had done an amazing job in Aleppo. We asked many questions about the mystery of thousands of Syrians missing, and we decided to work the subject. I admit it’s not easy to film on a subject where the main characters are actually invisible. Channel Arte trusted us, and we could decipher this death machine “.

Two years of investigation

” We realized two years of investigation, work ant and nine weeks of filming with occasional rendezvous where we crossed our interlocutors between two aircraft on a small airport at 3am. ” They filmed relatives of victims, found emaciated body images and especially obtained the confessions of repentant murderers who martyred the people of the butcher of Damascus, host of the Elysee in 2010!

Several scoops

Stephen Huver already has beautiful scoops to his credit. He was in Bangui to fire and sword, months before Sangaris operation. He comes to returning to sniff the scandal Uramin, the bomb Areva. He was also the first to bring back images of the French gravediggers Daech of jihad with a year before everybody videos … Abdelhamid Abaaoud!

For the president of the jury, Annick Cojean, World “the commitment of the new generation is moving. Their faith in the trade is complete and they do it in a way that is beyond comprehension. Our deliberations are very long, and I was shocked by the film of Stephen and Sophie remain in history a sinister light on this heinous dictators family. “


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