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Sam Mendes: only two James Bond, but have everything exploded – Télé

The director has finally decided not to re-enlist for a third installment of the adventures of 007, after the huge success of “Skyfall” and “Spectre”. Back on the five years of work by Sam Mendes on the saga of the most famous British secret agents.

It will have finally realized that two James Bond. After five years spent in the company of the most famous British secret agent, Sam Mendes announced this Saturday, May 28, 2016 he was “with another takes over,” having taken care to specify he “loved every second of this incredible adventure.”

While uncertainty remains about the possible succession Daniel Craig, who plays agent secret from Casino Royale in 2006, back on the fruitful collaboration between Sam Mendes and 007, the tuxedo, passed into the hands of the British director was dusted carefully … and crash – that would James Bond without his chases in cities with narrow streets and deadly impasses amputated spectacular explosions

The director of Skyfall? and 007 Spectre, huge success at the box office, could appear at some distance from productions of such magnitude: Mendes is above all a man of theater, which has signed more than forty staged before launching in the cinema, as he recalled in an interview with Télérama in 2010. forty pieces, including several dives in Shakespeare’s texts ( Richard III, the Tempest and As you Like … ): comedies and dramas, in which mingle the greatest darkness and the most delicious lightness … is a he not a bit all this in the antihero in tuxedos played by the charismatic Daniel Craig, tortured, manipulator and manipulated?

When he was chosen in 2010 to achieve the twenty-third installment of the adventures of the saga, Sam Mendes is 45 years old, and is the author of all five films made in the United States: American Beauty (his first film, for which he received, at 34, the Oscar for best director), Road to perdition , Jarhead: the end of innocence , Revolutionary Road and Away We go . Who watch as many movies trauma, doubts, torments and the hidden face of America.

Skyfall , whose shooting starts in November 2011 between Istanbul, Shanghai, Hashima phantom island in Japan, but also, of course, England and Scotland, Sam Mendes examines (on a script co-written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan) a tired hero aged, worn, despite the years that keeps humor and elegance so British to face a formidable Javier Bardem in psychopathic tendency

the film, supported by a haunting soundtrack. – unforgettable title Skyfall , Adele, was an immediate worldwide success – is a triumph: it is covered with glowing reviews that greeted the darkness, depth, but also humor present in the film. On the critical aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Skyfall won 92% of positive reviews … and 1.1 billion in revenue worldwide box office for a budget of two hundred million dollars, the film most profitable in the history of the saga.

For the Oscars, the film won the statuette for best sound editing and the best song. BAFTA, the British awards, it is crowned with the title of best British film of the year …

Despite this huge success, Sam Mendes announced in February 2012, four months after the release of Skyfall , he hesitates “75%” to make the twenty-fourth installment of the saga, and even indicates the following month he reluctantly throw in the towel, to because commitment to the theater in two shows: the musical Charlie and the chocolate Factory , and the play King Lear Shakespeare, his childhood love, stronger than James Bond …

He said the magazine Empire “It was a very difficult decision not to accept the very generous offer of Michael G. Wilson and Barbara broccoli [James Bond producer, editor's note]. Carry Skyfall was one of my best professional experiences, but I have other commitments that require total concentration for the coming year and beyond. “

In July, however, it is ultimately good Sam Mendes is announced to the realization of the new James Bond, MGM has agreed to postpone the film a year for it can perform his plays. In the process, Sony suffered a hacking its servers and part of the flight scenario, but the cast (which includes Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux) and the film’s title – 007 Spectre – are announced on 4 December. The film and its spectacular opening words, which takes place during the festival of the dead in Mexico City, released in October 2015. It is a little less well received than Skyfall , and the result at the box office is a little less dramatic (more than $ 880 million anyway).

After this doubling, Sam Mendes therefore bows. And doubts persist about the future of Daniel Craig in the wake of the saga: there are ten days, a rumor that the blond actor refused a check of sixty-eight million pounds to reprise the role James Bond in two feature additional films was denied by the BBC. If Daniel Craig is always the hero of the twenty-fifth episode, it is highly probable that it delegates the costume … On the heels which then will make alterations?

The bookmakers panicked the actor Tom Hiddleston after meeting with Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli. Since last Friday, the name of Jamie Bell, former child actor Billie Elliot , circulating on the web – he too would have met the producer. A young great-turned-actor, passed by King Kong , Jane Eyre , or the latest Snowpiercer . Jamie Bell … Or the same initials as Bond, James Bond.


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