Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Renaud reveals five secrets in his autobiography – Le Figaro

For 64 years, for the first time, the singer says with modesty Like a lost child , which comes out on Thursday. The passages read in preview on RTL already engaged a few secrets.

Far from shattering revelations, As a child lost , Renaud’s autobiography to be released Thursday, is a moving account of confidences. “With this courageous text, Renaud book for the first time the secrets that have made him a marked man, endearing and often staggering,” we have also “announced the publisher XO to MetroNews.

According to the passages read in preview by RTL , Le Figaro selected five of these revelations.

● A legacy weighing “son and grand-son of collabo”

His father was a writer and intellectual of Paris; his mother, daughter of a minor North. “Given these two legacies, I have spent my life going from one to the other,” says Renaud, “sometimes passionate words and seeking silence to write, now overtaken by the sense of commitment the need for solidarity and anger against our selfishness. “Multiple, his legacy has proved especially difficult to bear. His maternal grandfather had joined a leading fascist parties of the 1940s, the PPF (French Popular Party), while his father worked for Radio Paris, the great radio labeled collaborationist propaganda. The artist rejects these unjust accusations, but they stick to the skin. “Renaud, son and grand-son of collaborator, he was often in some newspapers. I take these words as a cross on my frail shoulders “

● The emotion of the composition.” My guitar on one knee, my notebook on the other “

Street Singer, Renaud is quickly spotted by artists that will change the course of his life: the troupe of the Café de la Gare, Patrick Dewaere, Coluche, Paul Lederman, producer of the latter … At from that moment, everything goes very quickly: first stage debut album Panama lovers (1975), first worship song: the Hexagon . The most memorable moments for the singer will remain those of the composition: “My guitar on one knee, my notebook on the other, featuring music of the left hand I write with the right hand, as if the words me dictated the melody. And it does not last more than an hour, that’s how these intimate songs spring from deep within me, heart, or perhaps the soul. “

● the anxiety of success: “one more day to live. Shit! “

Success starts with scare Renaud. The singer scared by the cheering crowd and shouts his love. Anxiety he can not rid the mine. After two tours in Russia and Cuba, in dark downright paranoid delusions which only alcohol manages to pull it off. During these dark times, the singer keeps a log of those nightmare days he delivers some startling passages like: “One more day to live. Shit “

● The guilt of success:” the success of my son kills me “

This anxiety is exacerbated by an irrepressible sense of guilt. The money he earns, to have that compose and sing his songs, it seems indecent. On what he deserves all this glory? A cruel discovered in the diary of his father will worsen this impression: “I can do no more, the success of my son kills me,” wrote the latter, humiliated to be exceeded by the triumph of his son.

loves: Romane, Dominique Lola Malone …

with great modesty, the singer devotes moving pages to women’s life, his children. The first is the former wife of Gérard Lanvin, Dominique, whom he married in the late 1970s and is the mother of his first child, Lola. She lived twenty years with him, knew him in his darkest periods and continues to watch over him. Pride of place is also reserved for Romane Serda. She who was his wife 2005 to 2011 gave him Malone, his 10 year old son whom he recently reconciled.

After the phenomenal success of his album Always up sold over 500,000 copies in six weeks, the autobiography of Renaud promises to cardboard in bookstores.


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