Friday, May 20, 2016

Sean Penn, single dad in Cannes, supported by his children Dylan and Hopper – Pure People

Evening Funny for Sean Penn, who presented in official competition at Cannes his latest film, The Last Face . Very remote in the afternoon at the photocall and the press conference where he carefully avoided any contact with eyes or Charlize Theron (which it is separated since June 2015), the American director has done it again tonight at 19h, at the red carpet for his movie.

Arriving last in official cars, Sean Penn materialize an apparent relaxation by the absence of a bow tie of circumstance for a formal meeting. Costume and small enough dark sweater, whatever. Smiling despite criticism murders on his latest feature film, Sean Penn joined his team, while taking care to put opposite Charlize Theron, who in turn broke the protocol with Adèle Exarchopoulos and Jared Harris asking only.

on the red carpet, Sean Penn posed with his son become blond, Hopper Penn. The young man of 22, who made his big screen debut in The Last Face , was able to comfort his dad in front of Charlize Theron. But came up the stairs, Sean is back down immediately go running to take his arm a young lady. While many may have thought at first to a new girlfriend – which, admittedly, would have been quite a blow vis-à-vis Charlize dagger – it was actually Dylan Penn, the eldest daughter as actor-director also had with Robin Wright. The beautiful blonde 25 years, shining as on the big screen on glossy paper, has posed with his dad to all photographers.

Sean Penn and electricity concerns have taken a small delay the projection – not without Charlize Theron does indeed seem jaded in the lobby, just before entering the Grand Théâtre Lumière. Being the king of the evening, it is in any case offered a nice family time with her two children.


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