Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cannes 2016: Isabelle Huppert, Virginie Efira … Sensual and divine for her – Pure People

On 22 May, the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival will close. The final day of competition has taken place on Saturday, with films Customer Asghar Farhadi who returns after The Past and It directed by the Dutchman Paul Verhoeven. The director of Basic Instinct has met a beautiful and unexpected casting for his thriller and they all shone on the steps for the evening screening, namely Isabelle Huppert, Virginie Efira, Anne Consigny, Alice Isaaz Laurent Lafitte, Charles Berling and Jonas Bloquet.

Paul Verhoeven has really caused a sensation on the Croisette with its polar transgressive the eve of the charts that the jury George Miller will reveal. “ Flasher, funny, a great pleasure Huppert and Verhoeven. A dream team ,” tweeted a critique of the Guardian British while L’Express hailed a film that plays on “ unprecedented palette of various sensations, the frontal violence burlesque farce .”

for her first french film, the director of RoboCop depicts a business woman, victim one night in his beautiful house of rape by a hooded man who thrash. A scene worthy video games it produces for its work.

She suspected her rapist time to be linked to the history that shattered his childhood: that of a father of children slaughterer, she never wanted to see again, and resurfaces thanks to his parole.

No stranger to controversy, one that is sometimes called the “ Dutch violent ” originally wanted to shoot his film, alleging a novel of the French Philippe Djian, Oh … in the United States. But the story was deemed too “ amoral and unacceptable ,” he told AFP. “ This woman does not choose revenge, she takes another way (…). This story is neither feminist nor anti-feminist, it’s just a story ” a- he added. The character wants above all to pass from the “ object than subject ” and “ instead of suffering, wants to take control ” of the situation, for its estimated share Isabelle Huppert at the press conference that followed the screening of the film.

“We were all worn by her and wanting to wear ,” explained Anne Consigny his partner about his partner Isabelle Huppert. Already holder of two awards at Cannes ( Violettes Nozières and The Piano ), she will win a new prize this year? Answer Sunday May 22

It , in theaters May 25


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