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The care of Adèle Haenel – Le Parisien

Interview by Pierre Vavasseur | | Update:

Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) from one of our correspondents

 She wears
in the afternoon a dress that echoed her golden eyes. Adèle Haenel, 27, has become a darling of Cannes. Revealed in 2007 by “Water Lilies” by Céline Sciamma, now his girlfriend, she ricocheted with the “Tolerance” by Bertrand Bonello (2011), “After the South,” Jean-Jacques Jauffret (2011 ), “Fighters” Cailley Thomas (2014) and “the man we loved too” (2014), by André Téchiné.

twice césarisée, the actress, who had first chosen to follow business studies, was recruited under the Belgian flag by the Dardenne brothers, already twice crowned a Palme d’or in “Girl unknown. ” She plays Jenny, a young doctor called upon to conduct its own investigation into the death of a woman who came to seek refuge in his office.

 You are now in Dardenne …

. This is a film that interested me a lot, which is very concentrated and when I saw the opportunity to work with precision.

We know nothing about your character …

 Well I think it’s great! It has the basic features that are those of humanity. For me, Jenny is a human without personality. She even humanity in what is simple. She follows her conscience. It is normal that it does not go directly from one point to another.

The medicine is a field that fascinates you?

 I have a good friend who is a doctor. These are anti-heroes, facing all kinds of pressure, starting with whether or not to strike. And I do not mean harsh working conditions.

You precisely reproduce gestures, including an injection or a blood test. ..

 We worked them long. The important thing is to be as free as possible in his head. We can not be too much hassle (sic) for a bite and forget at the same time the stakes behind the scene. And if I look stupid by wearing gloves, so stop taking.

 What speaks mainly this film? Medical confidentiality?

 I think it deals with the responsibility at the individual level. This is a film about the human altogether.

Are you worried the doctors?

 No, I rather like the opposite. This empathy they have with others, it’s the end of selfishness.

Some films have they acted as salves or remedies in your life?

 This is a question that goes too intimate but in the last year, films like “Carol” (note: Todd Haynes) , “Much Loved” (Nabil Ayouch ) and “Fatima” (Philippe Faucon, best film Cesar) have done me good.

You have the image of a woman of character …

 This is the one you invent me, you the media. All that interests me is to be sincere.


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