Friday, May 27, 2016

“Game of Thrones” Season 6: Looking Ahead to “Blood of My Blood” episode 6 – MetroNews

After the terrible loss combined experience of viewers with the death of Hodor last week, “Blood of My Blood” episode 6 of season 6 Game of Thrones will -t he offer them a lull? Not sure. Bran, still unconscious, and Meera barely escaped into the forest, are pursued by the White Walkers and their zombies. The young heroes seem bad shape and surrounded. Will we finally see Cold Hands, character novels, which helps the son of Ned Stark and his friends? There are opportunities, how could he get out otherwise?

Port Réal is back in the season, after a break last Sunday, and it’s always a mess. Great Sparrow still wants to impose its law and Queen Margaery is set to make the march of atonement in the presence of all the people of the city. But the images of the trailer we introduce a rebellion organized by Jaime Lannister and Cersei: “we should not have any pity for him Let us treat it as we treat our enemies.” Launches it

<. b> discovering the Tarly family

Another notable absentee from the previous episode – and since the beginning of the season -: Samwell Tarly. The family’s best friend Jon Snow arrives in the series for the first time with James Faulkner, who plays Randyll Tarly his father, Samantha Spiro his mother, and finally Freddie Stroma (UnReal) who plays his brother. The young hero could spend a dirty fifteen minutes with relatives who are not big fans splus, especially since it brings Vere, a savage.

Finally, Daenerys is already on the Meereen path with his new army of Dothraki, and does not intend to stop conquer peoples: “I take what’s mine,” she assures Daario, at his side. It is interesting to see Daenerys take his time traveling between each, contrary to Littlefinger, whose temporality is amazing. One might think that it has the power to teleport through all the lands of Westeros.

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