Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cannes: that is Personal Shopper Assayas with Kristen Stewart? – Le Figaro

I LOVE / I LIKE – The drafting of the Le Figaro has seen the new film from director screened in official competition, two years after Sils Maria . The film comes out in theaters on October 19th.

After illuminated the new Woody Allen Café Society which was the opening Cannes May 11, Kristen Stewart back stairs of the great palace of festivals with the new film by Olivier Assayas Personal Shopper , in competition two years after Sils Maria .

the movie tells the story of Maureen (Kristen Stewart), a young American in Paris, which handles the wardrobe of an international celebrity.

The young woman does not like this job, but it has not found better pay for his stay in France to await that manifests the spirit of Lewis, his twin brother died recently. So, while begging the hypothetical sign of her brother, she spends her days on his scooter through the streets of Paris, looking for dresses and expensive jewelry for her modeling client, always in transit between Milan, Paris, London and New York. One day, however, Maureen began to receive on his mobile strange anonymous messages …

The drafting of the Le Figaro gives his views on this feature film with a duration of 1:45 which comes out in theaters October 19, 2016.


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