Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cannes 2016 – “The Unknown Girl” Dardenne brothers disappoint the press – Screenrush

Discover what the international press thought the new film signed by the Dardenne brother, back in competition for the seventh time with “The Unknown Girl”, worn by Adèle Haenel …

Rosetta, The Son, The Child, The Silence of Lorna, cycling kid’s, Two days, one night … The Dardenne brothers have over their red carpet in Competition at Cannes. Their mysterious new film, carried by Adèle Haenel in young general practitioner, has he convinced the international press

Emmanuelle Spadacenta / Cinemateaser: “(. ..) Dardenne, close to caricature their own film, stretch the scenes with too much silence and “real time” and still do not shine with the beauty of their dialogues, often reduced to words posed awkwardly. Rest Adèle Haenel course, with this always terrible look, its a bit brutal ways and yet absolute grace. “ Lire Full Review

Jerome Vermelin / MetroNews: “(…) unlike their British cousin Ken Loach, able to go from the great historical fresco intimate drama with the same breath, the duo seems unable to renew his world as his grammar. Worse, an unpleasant decrease of printing on self emanates from this tragedy without risk, if not that of making the viewer yawn. Hard. “ Lire Full Review

Guy Lodge / Variety: “Although” The Unknown Girl “brings together many regular players Dardenne (…) the film used mainly a showcase for the wonderful Adèle Haenel. “ Lire Full Review

Jessica Kiang / The Playlist: “The unknown girl turns out to be (…) static and introspective work – really psychological history, but the style [Dardenne] does not seem to match that kind of interiority. “ Lire Full Review

Stéphane Leblanc / 20 Minutes: It’s hard to feel compassion for female doctor performer Adèle Haenel. at 27, she already has too physical role. Then the choices the scenario leads to little credibility, and secondary characters played by Jérémie Renier or Olivier Gourmet, poorly drawn … “ Lire Full Review

David Rooney / The Hollywood Reporter: If “the unknown Girl” does not rank among the best works of writer-directors, sufficiently manifest the advantages of signing to connect to their faithful public art and test worldwide. “ Lire Full Review

Gregory Coutaut / FilmdeCulte: “The cinema of the Dardenne has lost its radicalism and its harshness as they earned an admirers. Without falling into the Manichean Ken Loach’s “the unknown Girl” brush too the viewer in the direction of the hair to create more than polite interest. “ Lire Full Review

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