Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Gazette de la Croisette # 5: zucchini, turnips, honey and spit in the soup – The World

From left to right: Alex Brendemühl,  director Nicole Garcia, Marion Cotillard and Louis  Garrel at the presentation of the film

on Sunday menu, we also find some zucchini. The vegetable is – in dripping release – the base of the food BFG , Steven Spielberg (out of competition), inspired by the world of Roald Dahl – adaptation that takes rather turnip, according to our critical Mathieu Macheret. It also gives its title to the first animated film by Claude Barras, My zucchini life , from a screenplay by Céline Sciamma, presented at the Directors’ Fortnight. This is an adaptation of a novel by Gilles Paris, published by Plon in 2002, Autobiography of a zucchini.

Out of competition also, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe playing the “Nice Guys” in Los Angeles in the police comedy Shane Black, on French screens today.

Presented in competition, Saturday 14 May, Miss Park Chan-wook is more subtle and delicate than the previous films of Korean, according to Isabelle Regnier. This is, as she explains in her criticism, “a story of manipulation and revenge war on background of gender and class struggle. A fun shooting gallery focuses on four characters locked in a gigantic mansion Japanese, built in Victorian style: a beautiful heiress, a Korean orphan who serves him right, a stalker bibliophile in captivity continues, and a crook who wants to hands on his fortune “.

out of competition, the Nice Guys , ” a violent comedy by Shane Black “, “loose on the highways of Los Angeles duo as to stimulate the cataclysms, consisting of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling” . According to Thomas Sotinel, “we leave the room as it comes from a fairground attraction, with a smile, empty head” .

Finally, Mathieu Macheret Fuchi nor tatsu ( Harmonium ) is “probably work most surprising that we have seen at this stage of the selection of a certain glance . Its young author Koji Fukada, had given us the beautiful Goodbye Summer (2014), fine character study that showed Japan as a critical update. It is found, still angry, with dry melodrama, smashed, bifurcations which arises deep trouble “.

As for animated films, The BFG , Steven Spielberg, out of competition, many disappointed Mathieu Macheret who sees a “big Hollywood machine that displays its digital effects layers, drawing a universe of uncommon ugliness” . By cons, My zucchini life , by Claude Barras, the Fortnight has moved Thomas Sotinel that portrays him as “a mix of realism and reverie.” the film evokes, with gravity and grace, suffering a little orphan placed in the home.

Night standing or Sitting on the toilet bowl is the same! “, launched Gerard Depardieu, in an interview Sunday at Nice Matin , on the occasion of the presentation, the Directors’ Fortnight, the film Rachid Djaïdani, Tour de France, in which he plays the lead role. Night standing is anecdotal. You’re idiots who will compare to May 68, but what does that make? All this will end with the blonde! “, said the actor, referring to Marine Le Pen.

In this interview, he described the Cannes Film Festival ” hysteria completely infertile (…) Today, the money takes its place, it is far from the cinema. Cannes does not deserve this, “. “There are great films, but before you see them, there’s so much crap to go Rocco Siffredi up the stairs, two to three girls with dresses at the con and we talk of nothing else. The images give drink to all the TVs (…) This is completely adult. Climb the stairs, no thank you! “, considered the” big fat giant “of French cinema



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