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VIDEO. Cannes 2016: Kristen Stewart fashion Frenchy – Le Parisien

Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes), one of our correspondents Renaud Baronian | | Update:

It’s an adventure unpublished work, as unlikely as transatlantic. He, the French Olivier Assayas, 61, director of art films as “Irma Vep” or “mental feeling Destinies” and her American Kristen Stewart, 26, internationally revered star of the fantastic saga for teens “Twilight”, presented yesterday the french fourth feature film in competition “Personal Shopper” he imagined for her.

L story of a girl who makes fashion shopping for a rich woman who also is medium, and haunted by the recent death of his twin brother. This is their second film together after “Sils Maria” (2014), and the alloy between a French filmmaker and demanding after a young actress of the Hollywood star system continues to surprise.

Especially that it could never exist: when he wrote “Sils Maria” for Juliette Binoche, Assayas thought to the role of his assistant, Kristen had mentioned his producer CHARLES GILLIBERT, “but due to his problems time use, I was at a party when another actress, “recalls Assayas, met yesterday on the Croisette. The case was finally able to conclude, and everyone said at the time, excellent game of the actress. It was enough to director, conquered, to follow up with another film whose beautiful Kristen would be the heroine: “But … I did not write it to Personal Shopper. I would say that what it is, what it represents, inspired me. “Of all the plans, the star carries the film on his shoulders, shared, lost, torn by this loss which it seeks explanations in the imagination and beyond.

 Assayas: “What I like about her is her freedom”

Assayas admits downright impressed with his game in “Personal Shopper”: “What I Like About it is his freedom … Kristen is a pure product of Hollywood, it could be stereotyped, but has imposed its way of being, his choices, against the system. And on set, it’s very physical, courageous. He is an intuitive, giving all at the first shot … “One could imagine that the director had to constantly deal with his fame, the imperatives imposed by Hollywood, and the image that sticks sulky the actress. This is just the opposite: “It does not require an isolated caravan, it has no coach, no team around him, just a friend who is an assistant office. She arrives first on the board early in the morning, and then she sits on boxes between takes girlfriend with technicians. “

Olivier Assayas found in her a muse to his measure. Why Kristen Stewart is also attached to the filmmaker? When asked the question at the press conference, the first expression that comes to him, and that makes everyone laugh, regarding his backside. Literally translated, this becomes: “He lights a fire under my butt that is stronger than anything I have ever felt. “It develops” Olivier allows me to do, I feel satisfied after each scene. The way he cooks the cast is pretty incredible … Today, it is with him that I knew the feel in this business. “An acting awards he will crown this idyllic collaboration? Sunday answer.

VIDEO. Cannes 2016: “Personal Shopper” by Olivier Assayas whistled a press meeting


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