Thursday, May 26, 2016

Renaud: He wants to remarry her first love, Dominica – Pure People

Seventeen years after his divorce with Dominique Quilichini, his first wife and the mother of his daughter Lolita (35 years), Renaud reveals have thrown into the water by asking his hand again. A touching story he now tells in his autobiography written in collaboration with journalist Lionel Duroy, As a child lost (XO Editions, published this Friday, May 26).

While his last album a hit in stores and he is about to start on the road for a series of concerts scheduled from mid-October, the singer of 64 years decided to engage for the first time to evoke many anecdotes about his career and his private life. As revealed in our newspaper colleagues Le Point , Renaud has expressed its desire to remarry his first love. “ The other day, as Dominique kept saying to me how happy she was to hear again blackmail me, to see me alive, I suddenly interrupted to ask if she would not, again, be my wife “writes the interpreter of the french interpreter. “ She had a moment of astonishment, and then she laughed. Are all these years, I did not stay a little wife? ,” he then replied Dominique.

It has not observed

Understanding that his application had not been taken seriously, Renaud then repeated his request. “ But as you and I remarried, Dominica. What I woke up every morning I rediscover your face close to mine, like when everything was still possible … Remember? “Pensive, his ex-wife confirmed that she remembered” all “, without adding anything else. “ It has not observed. Who knows what the gods in store for us? ” continues Renaud, who compares her relationship with Dominic that of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton married twice.

Renaud and Dominique Quilichini had met in 1977 in dinner theater the Widow Picard , now the comma Point . Between them is immediately hooked. But at the time, Dominique was married to actor Gérard Lanvin. For Renaud, plate it all. They married three years later and their daughter was born in stride. Happiness, for fifteen years. Then Mister Renard Renaud takes over. Consumed by his demons, not to reason, the singer is leaving early 1990. Despite his divorce, the pair maintains contact and good relations. Renaud finds love and serenity thanks to his second wife, Romane Serda, the mother of his little Malone (9 years), with whom he was married from 2005 to 2011. But he never forgets Dominique. “ Dominique, my Dominique, who has never left my heart in spite of our divorce … “, he wrote in his autobiography. Is a new chapter about to be written? Time will tell.



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