Friday, May 27, 2016

I was at the concert at the Olympia Doc Enema: a failure, yes, but moving – francetv info

Between Doc Enema and me is a family affair. I was 8 when my father, not particularly a fan of rap, bought their album first Consultation , 1996 . As for the 700 000 people who were at the time rushes on the CD, it’s probably a groovy alliance orchestration and provocative and casual pen that had seduced.

We were listening to the disc in the family, in the car or in the living room, and I keep the memory of very awkward moments when I asked my mother to tell me that was what had been done Bérégovoy “click click boom” , or why Mr. song was “wet underneath, wet” thinking Vanessa .

the years passed, and First consultation continued to accompany me throughout my musical discoveries, sometimes very distant rap. I return with relish when text so 2016 NLP seem too dark or the irony of Vald eventually tired. So excited that I rushed in early November on the Olympia’s website to book two tickets for the anniversary concert of the 20 years of the album.

I suspected that the Bruno Beausir who would go on stage six months later would not have much to do with the eternal teenager of 22 years in the haze that regularly escapes from my speakers. Like a comet, Doc Enema dazzled the French rap scene before going off to become a convenient punching bag, a sort of itinerant prevention campaign against the dangers of excessive cannabis use.

Wednesday May 25, in the pit of Olympia, yet I felt that everyone wanted to believe. Worried upon entering the room, I began to hope that the “Bruno, Bruno” chanted by thirty public would galvanize the Doctor. He would find a second life and that his concert would turn into giant reconciliation. What Passi, which accompanies the song Is it like the , would be there. And why not, let’s be crazy, Bernard Tapie for a It’s beautiful life after eighteen years.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Surrounded by a group of singers and in great shape, Doc Enema was, as feared, a bit elsewhere. He often rested on his butterfly friend, who accompanied him to the microphone, and the audience knew by heart rhymes each album. Three times during the hour and a half that lasted the show, he offered a walkabout in the middle of the pit. In those moments, as in others where he sang next to his microphone, more is heard the voice of Butterfly as his own.

But I have so far not seen the drunken ghost death that some viewers have described murderers tweets at the end of the concert.

While songs like Nirvana or the girls mov , Bruno even had flashes that brought me into the back seat of the red Citroën my childhood. Far west of the character remained in the collective memory when policy stung.

I understand that after spending almost 40 euros for a concert ticket, you may be disappointed not having attended a show efficient and easy. But out of the Olympia, I had the impression that most of the audience was happy to have found a madeleine of Proust, although the taste was a little altered by the years.

Bruno, “j’te forgive, for life” , and I think I’m not the only one.

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