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Cannes 2016: She, the return of Paul Verhoeven in Cannes after Basic Instinct – Screenrush

Twenty-four years after his first Cannes competition with Basic Instinct, Dutchman Paul Verhoeven has lost none of its subversion. He returns with a film shot in France: Elle, in which a woman is fascinated by the man who raped her.


what is it about?

Michele part of these women that nothing seems to achieve. At the head of a large video game company, conducts its business like his love life: an iron hand. His life changes when attacked in her home by a mysterious stranger. Undaunted, Michele began to track down the back. A strange game then settled them. A game that at any moment can escalate.


Legendary Filmmaker 1970, 1980 and 1990 Paul Verhoeven began his career in the Netherlands, his home country, with several feature films subversive. In 1983, he began his international career with his favorite actor Rutger Hauer. In 1985, Flesh and blood will be their last collaboration. In Hollywood, Paul Verhoeven suddenly turns on suddenly Robocop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct, which gives it its only Cannes selection in competition. After three other Hollywood films (Showgirls, Starship Troopers and Hollow Man), the director returns to Holland to turn Black Book in 2006. the , the first film of Paul Verhoeven filmed in France, offers to its author his second coming to Cannes at the age of 77.

The reason to see the movie

  • For the return of Paul Verhoeven sulfur movies and subversive
  • to distribute five stars of the film
  • for incisors replicas and tongue-in-cheek written by David Birke and Harold Manning
  • for the ambiguity of the subject that leaves the spectator dreamer days after seeing the film
  • to the effectiveness of staging signed Paul Verhoeven who escapes the dead time for more than two hours.

the journal of tweets

Press review

  • Louis Guichard / Télérama: “The taste Verhoeven for provocation and transgression exacerbates situations crudity and cruelty of relationships between all the characters, words and acts confused. All in a laugh under permanent cloak that often recalls the cheerful misanthropy of Claude Chabrol. “ Lire Full Review
  • Emmanuelle Spadacenta / Cinemateaser: “IT does not mark the return of the great formalist Verhoeven But. reaffirms singularly power and perversity of a great director who heads the context and the actors in unison with his withering look. “ Lire Full Review
  • Mehdi Omaïs / MetroNews: “It is a work deliciously crappy and twisted hints, lined with a skillful auscultation of appearances and pretenses. In short, one of those movies that spares neither his audience nor its protagonists. “ Lire Full Review
  • Jean-François Rauger / The World: “The film Verhoeven passes (…) of entomological vision, cold and sarcastic, to pure mythology, jumping over the steps of psychology, she was one of the deep. It was necessary to embody this transmutation, an exceptional actress. It was the size of Isabelle Huppert, to make clear and indisputable an equally physical brain that journey. “ Lire Full Review

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