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Ken Loach: a journey full of awards Cannes – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – The Gold Award as the British director has received Sunday for I, Daniel Blake crown a successful career abundantly distinguished by the jury Festival. Back on five winning films on the Croisette.

Two golden palm in two years. This rare performance speaks volumes about the flamboyant career of Ken Loach on the Croisette. In fifty-year career, the director holds the record of selections at the Festival: 18 films were presented, including 13 in competition. The reward that has earned him I, Daniel Blake at the end of this 69th edition is the latest in a series of five beautiful trophies.

The five winning films have in common to defend the left out of the system and take place in Great Britain. The committed director who likes to “scratch the surface of the English reality” explains his choice in an interview with UniversCiné “I think especially in stories, I think it important to tell, to relationships between people, I want to show. That’s what interests me. The subject of the film excites me even more than the film itself. And I know that it is infinitely easier to work where you feel instinctively at home, where you have the intuition of things. “

Secrets (1990): the first time

Second film in official competition at Cannes and first award: in 1990, Secrets (Hidden Agenda) wins the Jury prize. This crime thriller depicts the crisis between Ireland and Great Britain in the early 1990s a British officer discovers that a US lawyer mysteriously shot dead in Belfast held evidence of a conspiracy of the Royal Police Ulster against the IRA

Raining Stones (1993). the return

Three years later, Ken Loach repeated the feat. Always political, Raining Stones casts a harsh light on the precarious daily life of the Williams family in the Thatcher years. In the working class suburb of Manchester, “it’s raining stones every day,” says the director himself to explain his title UniversCiné. “When you are poor, you have nothing because of this avalanche of misfortunes, it is essential to keep your dignity.” Bob is unemployed and lives in a miserable apartment, but on behalf of the dignity of his family, he vowed to give her daughter a beautiful dress for her first communion, whatever the cost. Obsessed with this idea, it will become club bouncer, be tempted by greed, engage in violence, fall well down to finally rediscover solidarity. Driven by a powerful evocative force, implacable review of the British Conservative policy marks the return of the director, shunned by some years by critics and the public.

The wind rises (2006): the triumph

The Supreme consecration occurs more than ten years later: at 70, the director raid his first gold Award thanks to his film the Wind that Shakes . Ken Loach takes again the defense of left out of capitalism: this time, the Irish independence in the 1920s by a sense of duty and patriotism, Damien gives up her promising medical career to take up arms for freedom, to alongside his brother Teddy, against the Black and Tans, British troops sent to subdue mass of the Irish people to independence inclinations. Denouncing the excesses of both sides of the civil war, this film noir has found the right tone and avoids the simplistic anti-British cartoon. In Irish moors where characters evolve complex disorder destiny reign a heavy atmosphere that summarizes the critic Jacques Morice “. The wind gets up here announces the storm and brings a taste of ashes”

the angels’ Share (2012): a comedy that surprised everyone

La Part des Anges , Ken Loach was embarking on a risky bet: combining at the same time defending the oppressed (his favorite subject), the subtleties of realism (his favorite book) and the comedy of stereotypes (the kind which he attacks this time ). The mixture just seems to have been found since this film, the more optimistic of the director, it is the third hit of heart of the jury in favor of the filmmaker. A pregnant girlfriend, unemployed, delinquent, the young Scottish boss Robbie is a bad start in life. Sentenced to 300 hours of community work for beating a stranger in a fit of violence, he discovered under the guidance of a supervisor talent taster will use it wisely: exchange the bottles of whiskey rarest against a lambda alcohol. This dubious trafficking mounted his companions penalty opened the doors of social ascension.

I, Daniel Blake (2016): the double

At 80, Ken Loach crown his career as a rare feat: winning a second time the Supreme Cannes consecration. At the conclusion of this 69th edition, and grows narrow rows of eight filmmakers webbed doubling (including the Dardenne brothers, Francis Ford Coppola, Shohei Imamura …). I, Daniel Blake which earned him this honor is the social cinema line that made him famous. When she went for the umpteenth time at the employment center without being heard, Rachel is wearing thin. Not to be placed in a foster home with her two children, she is forced to accept a place 450 km from his hometown and meets with the incomprehension of the British administration. Carpenter, 59, Daniel Blake finds himself also in an absurd situation. His doctor forbade her to work, but the administration the threat of sanctions if it does not seek employment. When one of these regular appointments, he meets the young woman discouraged her children in her arms. Moved with pity, he offers his support. Solidarity will enable those oppressed of the system to feel alive despite injustice.


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