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Cannes 2016: the doubling of Ken Loach, emotion Xavier Dolan … that retain the charts? – Screenrush

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Cannes 2016: the doubling of Ken Loach, emotion Xavier Dolan … that retain the charts?

By Maximilian Pierrette ▪ Monday, May 23, 2016 – There are 3 hours and 11 minutes

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Clap end for Cannes! The 69th edition of the festival ended on the second Palme d’Or won by Ken Loach, with a ceremony where Xavier Dolan and the director of “Divine” distinguished themselves.

7 winning films of the 21 in contention, the jury ruled George Miller … and actually talk. In the wake of the Palme d’honneur awarded to an emotional Jean-Pierre Léaud, who reminded us that it was “born in Cannes” thanks to 400 shots, the director of Mad Max: Fury Road unveiled the winners of this 69th edition. And sacred a regular.

The double Ken Loach

Festival … Ken! The British director has indeed won a second Palme d’Or for his career, 10 years after the surrender by Wong Kar-Wai in the Wind rises. Spent early Competition, he joined the elite club of double webbed. Not bad for someone who was supposed to have retired after Jimmy’s Hall, but had left to turn that Thierry Fremaux described as his “again last film” . Until next?

Anchored in the news, thanks to social issues it raises, and very well interpreted, I, Daniel Blake had not raised wild enthusiasm, and more pleased the French press as the rest of the world. But the jury of George Miller has clearly sided hexagonal journalists, and we can now wonder if Ken Loach will take its real retreat on the win, or if it will mean new start.

Me Daniel Blake video sample

emotion Xavier Dolan

Two years after the tidal wave generated by Mommy, Jury Prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, the first returns were fears of a drubbing for the Quebecois director, for his second participation in the Competition. But no. For if it clearly divided and unleashed passions, just the end of the world has done better than its predecessor, by winning the Grand Prix. And becoming the first feature film with Marion Cotillard to start from the Croisette with a trophy, the previous (The Immigrant Macbeth, through Two days, one night) have all drawn a blank.

I prefer the folly of the passions to the wisdom of indifference

Moved to tears it two years ago, the young prodigy was even more so when pickups Grand Prix and has multiplied thanks both to Cannes and its general delegate Thierry Fremaux, his muse Anne Dorval. Absent from his new feature, yet it is she who introduced him to the room that Dolan fits here: “I hope so disappointed not to have Jean-Luc Lagarce” , said the filmmaker on stage, invoking the memory of the author died in 1995.

as in 2014, where one would have thought he had just won a Palme d’Or, Xavier Dolan then spent gear in his speech by raising the emotional slider a good step: “Everything we do in life, we do it to be loved, to be accepted” is -t he told the audience of the Grand Theatre Lumière. “The more I grow, the more I realize that it is difficult to be understood. Your confidence shows me that we must talk about yourself. While the emotion sometimes bad trip, it always reaches its destination. The battle continues, I will film all my life. I prefer the folly of the passions to the wisdom of indifference. “

Just the End of the World video sample

Key absent

If you have long believed that just the end of the world would be absent from the charts, other features seemed destined for a price … that ultimately eluded them. Cannes paradox, when you hold us. For if absences Staying vertical, My otter or The Last Face were expected, Miss Erdmann and Toni were the favorite. A Palme would have also allowed them to catch up with the injustice of 2004, when Old Boy had underperformed Fahrenheit 9/11, or to consecrate the first director since Jane Campion in 1993.

Also note Pedro Almodovar, darling of the French media with Julieta, in theaters since May 18, is once again left empty-handed, while his beautiful melodrama could at least claim a Prize for Best Director, or offer a reward to the beautiful Adriana Ugarte, revelation of his new film. Which is the third in a row to make a blank on the Croisette, after broken Embrace and The Skin I Live. From there to say that the Spanish filmmaker is cursed …

Rossy de Palma yet predicted him the Palme:

The Cannes Film Festival News video from

Emissions as for the Dardenne brothers will also require boards to be the first to win a third Golden Palm: the unknown Girl, in which they ran Adèle Haenel, was one of the big disappointments of this 69th Cannes Film Festival, and its absence in the record is more logical than two days, one night in 2014.

The wind of madness of Divine

Special Mention SACD in the Directors’ fortnight, where it made a lot of noise, divine did blow a wind of madness on stage at the Grand Theatre Lumiere, where the feature film won the Golden Camera at the best discount first film, all categories. And the least we can say is that the director Houda Benyamina was not paralyzed by emotion, as his (long) speech was stronger.

Cannes for us women!

“you got clit!” is in fact the director shouted against Edouard Waintrop, coach of the fortnight in reference to one of the most striking replica Divine. While many, like every year, pointed to the low representation of women directors in the various sections, Houda Benyamina was parte of his desire to see things change, shouting: “Cannes is us women! “

not content with having done the show, the director of the film, which has yet to release date in our rooms, also offered another sentence of evening: “it was not right to be tired when you make movies, because we made the business of love.”

the energetic team of “Divine” in our microphone:

Cannes Film Festival video News

Cannes 2016: the complete results

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