Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cannes Film Festival: all it takes hold of Tuesday, May 17 – Le Figaro

Recap ‘- The acclaimed performance of Kristen Stewart Personal Shopper , Assayas film yet we can forget the excitement around the new Almodóvar, the neckline of the day … See the film of the day.

Today’s star

with Marion Cotillard, Kristen Stewart is considered one of the muses of this 69th edition of the Cannes festival. Also showing two films in official selection, was present on the first night to launch the festivities with Café Society , Woody Allen. Monday night press screening, and twice on Tuesday, she was showing a second film, nominated for the Golden Palm. On camera Olivier Assayas for Personal Shopper , it embodies Maurenn, a young American woman who takes care of the wardrobe of a celebrity and tries to make contact with his deceased brother. A film she wears at arms.

The disappointment of the day

If Kristen Stewart always proves talented Personal Shopper , Olivier Assayas, he loses a few points with the audience and critics. After the first screening, the film was booed. French director, yet applauded Sils Maria two years ago in Cannes, thus receives the first whistles of the competition. His incredible story unfortunately scared person and filmmaker making the team one of his first misstep. Assayas remains fair play: “When you come to Cannes, it is ready for anything.”

The film (over) estimated the day

See a movie by Pedro Almodóvar Cannes is an opportunity to reconnect with some old habits. Four years after The Skin I Live , the Spanish director returns to competition with Julieta , a film in which he finds his favorite theme: portraits of women. Adapted from three new Alice Munro (Nobel Prize for Literature), the movie evokes Julieta of life, a mother who nourishes the hope of seeing her daughter after twelve years of separation. A film hailed by many, who may even think Almodóvar here cherish the hope of finally winning his first Palme d’Or. Yet others, such as Le Figaro , have been less carried by this story that “the plot unwinds in spurts, not boredom, but also without passion.”

The heart stroke parallel sections

Two brothers, one former prisoner, the other divorced father, organize a steering bank. At their heels, two Texas Rangers are determined to take them down. The synopsis of Comancheria (Hell Or High Water) , screened in Un Certain Regard, is in itself is a film fused to the US. Yet it is the work of the Scot David McKenzie ( Toy Boy , Perfect Sense ). The director convenes including Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine in the cast. And the result, between car chase on dusty roads, robbery improvised poker and seedy bar, holds up a mirror without make in America today.

The jargon of the day

Pedro Almodóvar would like people forget his name, and that of his brother Agustin, his producer still, now tainted by the case of Panama papers, whose documents were unveiled in early April. Filmmaker therefore thought that the Cannes festival – where they speak only cinema is known thing! – We do not evoke the sore subject. No luck, someone dared. While the filmmaker minimizes made today: “My name and my brother are the least important that appear in Panama Papers. If this were a movie, we would not even in the credits while the Spanish press treats us as the main characters. “

The neckline of the day

Hard to pass a Cannes festival without incident on the red carpet. Sophie Marceau knows something. This time it is Elsa Zylberstein that has made remarkable … or that photographers have flushed out. Accompanied by Claude Lelouch and his companion Valerie Perrin, the actress saw the cut of her beautiful black dress slightly raised by the Riviera breeze. The tip of her left breast then sniffed the air from the Croisette. Still no “accident” against male dress by …



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